Exclusive: You Have To See The Hitchcock-Inspired Search Party Art

Photo: Courtesy of TBS.
The only thing better than the approaching fall weather — sweaters! Lattés! Pumpkins! — would be the approaching fall television, including TBS's hipster murder mystery Search Party. The series is a warm, mustachioed version of your favorite crime thrillers, as if you took Charade and added a few ironic cable knit sweaters. That's what makes it so goddamn charming: Search Party is a loving sendup of the iconic whodunnits we know and love, all funnelled through a millennial lens. The first season was all about Dory (Alia Shawkat) and her amateur search for Chantal Witherbottom (Claire McNulty). As such, the key art for the first season recalled the amateur girl detective Nancy Drew.
The second season is going to be more intense: The first season ended with the main crew killing someone; now, the stakes are higher. So, for the upcoming second season, the key art references classic Hitchcock films, in all their retro-pixelated glory. Alia Shawkat told Refinery29 herself that the theme of this season is "Hitchcock paranoia." Each poster features the bumbling crew of Search Party — Alia Shawkat, John Early, Brandon Michael Hall, Meredith Hagner, and John Reynolds — along with this season's tagline, "I miss when my problems were about nothing." Sam Hadley, who illustrated the season one art as well, did the illustrations, and Tom Bik and Jonathan Oullette.
Ahead, find the ten Search Party posters. And grab your magnifying glasses — the second season of Search Party premieres November 19.
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