Sorry, 13 Reasons Why Fans But This Theory About The Show Has Been Debunked

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With that perfectly coiffed pompadour, white T-shirt and leather jacket Tony on 13 Reasons Why dresses like a teen angel, but that doesn't mean he is one. In an interview with Elite Daily, actor Christian Navarro debunked the popular theory that Tony is a ghost.
"There was a big [theory] that was like, Tony's a ghost," Navarro said. Some fans of the show posited that he was a student from the '50s who became the keeper of Hannah's (Katherine Langford) tapes and distributes them after her death in hopes of granting her final wish. "And I was like ‘Watch the show, man. There's no way. I interact with everybody; Tony's a real guy.'"
A real guy that just so happens to look like he's straight out of Rebel Without A Cause, and helps his friend Clay (Dylan Minnette) make sense of the tragic death of his friend. Tony's otherworldly ability to help his friend was why some wondered if he was just an impeccably dressed spirit from the great beyond, but the theory ignores the fact that Tony is engaging with everyone in town. He even dates two characters on the show, who by all accounts are very much alive.
"That [theory] was a little bit of a stretch to me," Navarro admitted to Elite Daily. "Sometimes these fan theories are incredibly impressive and ahead of the curve and shock me, but that was not one of them. It would be amazing, but no."
Navarro doesn't mention which 13 Reasons Why theory truly impressed him with its creativity and believability, but he did say that in season 2 of the Netflix series he's hoping he gets his own teen angel. "I would love for someone to come and be Tony's Tony," he said. "Someone to take care of him, because he takes care of everyone."
While we don't know what exactly the creators have planned for Tony, we do know that Hannah won't be the main narrator in season 2. 13 Reasons Why will also include new characters, including Bryce's (Justin Prentice) parents, and will show how our old favourites are coping with Hannah's death and everything that was revealed on the tapes.
"I'm sure we're all heading in some dark directions again," Minnette told Entertainment Tonight earlier this month. "I think anybody would be surprised if we weren't."
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