Is Daario Going To Mess Things Up With Dany & Jon?

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Daenerys, gather your girlfriends — well, the only one that is still alive – because we need to talk about your ex, Daario. Remember him? The fling that you left in Meereen to rule in your stead? He's talking about coming back, and we are not here for it.
There is only one episode left in season 7 of Game of Thrones, which means Daario may be showing up from the Land of Ex-Boyfriends. In a 2016 interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Michiel Hiusman, who played the dashing sellsword, was very evasive when asked about the future of his character. Popsugar reminded us that EW plainly asked him if we'll see more of Daario, he answered "yes I do, and I’m not supposed to spoil that."
Excuse me. Does that really sound like a guy who is out of Dany's life for good? It most certainly does not, and if he comes to see his dragon babe again, we are going to have to issues. Primarily, Dany is supposed to make out with another dude: Jon Snow. We have been patiently waiting for these two to bone since the first season (ahem, some of us have been waiting over 20 years, since the first book was published in 1996) made it obvious that they are main characters of the show. And Sunday's finale is high with expectations to see their love come to a sexy fruition.
If Daario doesn't reappear in season 7, he could conceivably pop back up in season 8. But really, who does this fuccboi sellsword think he is? Look Daario, I know it sucks that Daenerys broke your heart, but you need to stay out of her life. She didn't block you on Instagram, so you can still indulge your ex-lurking needs, but there's a huge difference between pouting about her selfies with Jon Snow and showing up at Dragonstone. SHE DOESN'T WANT YOU ANYMORE.
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