Life Of Kylie Episode 4 Recap: Kylie Jenner Just Wants To Live On A Farm, Y'all

Kylie Jenner is full of surprises in week's episode of Life of Kylie, titled "Fame," which is a word that we actually barely hear uttered throughout the half-hour episode. Originally filmed in April, we hear the words "music festival" = Coachella, "T"= Tyga, and "What is that?" = a chicken — more on that later. And we also hear a spiel from Jenner's best friend, Jordyn Woods, solidifying my theory that Kylie's long-time friend is a total gem, who is here to keep her humble. (Something we all need, but especially if you're a millionaire teenager.)
First of all, lets talk about Kylie's obsession with farms. The 20-year-old says repeatedly that she just wants to leave and live on a farm, that she wants to raise her future kids on a farm, and that being around animals is the happiest she ever feels. All of this seems a little bizarre coming from Kylie who, as usual, is wearing a full face of makeup, extensions, a crop top, and thousands of dollars worth of jewellery (and this is her dressed down). Kylie buys a chicken coop to put in her backyard along with some very confusing looking chickens. She says, with no hint of sarcasm: "What I really want is to live on a farm and have chickens and raise a family."
But what she is really trying to say, as translated in a side interview with Jordyn, is that none of her shiny, new, expensive items are really making her happy. They're just things. And now she wants the one thing money cannot buy her which is a new type of life. Kylie will likely never live on a farm (she will probably own one at one point I am sure) because that isn't the life she will ever have, just as I will never own a Barbie pink Bentley no matter how much I want one (I don't, but for comparisons sake let's say so).
"Materialistic things can only make you feel so good," Jordyn says of her best friend's farm-mania. Kylie spends money to "grasp at something" she "can't control." She wants what she can't have which is privacy, isolation, and simplicity.
The farm theme is interlaced throughout the entire episode: we open with it, we touch on it in the middle, and we end with a frolic through a plot of grass (which is farm enough for Kylie at the moment). The episode also includes some dramatic moments in the aftermath of the Kylie and Tyga breakup, but it's strangely normal and low-key. She seems upset over running into him at Coachella —which, in a hilarious twist of events, can only be called "a music festival" because of strict laws around using the official name — but isn't everyone upset when they run into their ex when the wounds from a breakup are fresh? She also admits that she is tired of keeping up with her wacky and colourful hair colour looks, saying she likes to surprise her fans but it takes a lot of upkeep. "I don't wanna be a weirdo," she says jokingly (but seriously)."I don’t want purple hair — I’m over it."
But of course, she can't be over it. This is her life! And low-and-behold Kylie did show up to Coachella with a crayola-coloured wig, an outfit that was typically extra, and a snapped a million pictures making her seem like she was on Cloud 9. And as if that wasn't enough, she acted like everything was cool as a cucumber at the time on her social media channels following the breakup, even posting videos of her listening to Tyga's music
But now we see that she was really not okay at all — she hid out in her bedroom for days, according to her assistant, and wasn't acting like her fun playful self. It's interesting to see just how easy it is it to pretend like everything is okay on social media, for celebrities and for the everyday people in our lives. It's all a facade. We should all just go live on a farm.

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