Check Out Kylie Jenner's Pet Chicken

Good news everybody! Kylie Jenner finally knows what a chicken is. We know that because she bought one. And we know she at one point didn't know what a chicken was, because she once blatantly misidentified a pig as a chicken on-screen. Her mother, Kris, was holding a pig in a blanket (actual pig, actual blanket, not a delicious barbecue treat, although you could argue that any pig is, like, minutes away from becoming a delicious barbecue treat which makes this distinction more technical than actual) when Kylie entered and shrieked, "Is that a chicken?"
No, dude, it's a pig.
Kylie now, like, for sure knows what a chicken is. Because her chicken is pretty glorious. Once, we had an uncle that was convinced he was a chicken. We let him go like that for years.
"Why didn't you bring him in sooner?" the doctors asked.
We needed the eggs.
Here's Kylie's chicken.
That's a solid chicken.
Here she is with the chicken, whose name is Eddie. Eddie is a good chicken.
We hope to find out if she's identified other animals later, when she buys them.

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