We Need To Talk About The Way Kylie Jenner Hiccups On Life Of Kylie

Welcome back, kids. Cheers to you, you brave souls that are ditching Westeros for Calabasas (I bet Cersei would binge watch reality shows) — are you ready for boss Kylie Jenner? Because this week's Life of Kylie is all about the 20-year-old's status as a CEO, running her own (projected) billion dollar cosmetics empire. It is crazy to think about what a typical teenager does in comparison to Kylie, running her own million dollar company. But then again, is anything she does remotely normal? Nah.
The third episode in Kylie's docu-series is aptly titled "Fame," as it is a word that defines her very existence. That and the word "boss," which is extremely her favorite word. Throughout the episode, she, her best friend, Jordyn Woods, and her mom, Kris Jenner, throw the word around like it's about go out of style. It's sweet to see that Kylie is surrounded by a group of encouraging women, but it's also not good that she is enabled every second of every day. In the opening scene, Woods says that she is often taken aback by just how big Kylie's empire is saying, "I forget how much of a boss my friend is."
But Kylie doesn't forget. Never ever does she forget. "The majority of 19-year-olds are still in the 'trying to figure it out' stage," Kylie tells the camera. "I feel like a little old woman stuck in a 19-year-old's body.” Later, she reveals the major lesson being a boss has taught her: "Being my own CEO has definitely changed my confidence," she says. Adding in another scene the second biggest lesson she's learned during her time at CEO of Kylie Cosmetics: "I definitely had to learn how to balance between business and friendship." While she has the whole confidence down, it's clear from the series that she has definite room for improvement in the whole boundaries arena of being a boss. Kylie is surrounded by her team and sees them as both her employees and her friends which is a strange dynamic. She really doesn't seem like a bad person to work for either, surprisingly enough, because she's learned to to pick her battles (smart girl) instead of ragging on her team whenever they do something not up to her standards (this is a lesson that momager Kris has yet to learn).
So, what happened other than Kylie reflecting on the insane amount of influence and power she has as a teenager and CEO? Well, we saw Jordyn and Kylie go on a covert mission to buy fake Kylie Cosmetics makeup in downtown Los Angeles (yes, they took the Range Rover which means the Lambo is still lonely and sad). Jordyn successfully gets the ripped off goods and Kylie puts her foot down the only way she knows how: she calls her mom to get an attorney to handle the situation which, to be fair, is a total CEO move.
She also has some low-key drama with Tokyo over him bringing his boyfriend around too much, but it's handled and done with really professional which means it was a pretty boring sequence of events. (Would you be shocked to know that Kris initiated the entire thing because she doesn't want people to take advantage of Kylie? Yeah, me either.) We also learn that Ariel, regardless of his spurts of incompetency is the best makeup artist for Kylie's face, but she doesn't want to tell him and get him all "gassed up" about it so she has to keep it to herself. Another maj CEO move, right? And that's...about it.
Oh, wait no — that is NOT it. Kylie also hiccuped for the first time on camera and guys it is the weirdest sound I have ever heard. It's so high-pitched and terrible!
Listen. Ok listen again. And again.
"I guess that is one of the things you don’t know about me…" she says. And it is really is. For such a heavily scripted show (at this point, it is so clear the show's main purpose is for viewers to buy her glam products) that I'm surprised this genuinely unfiltered moment made it into the show.
Who knew the real secret to getting to know Kylie lied in her having a little gas?
What Did Kylie Realize This Week?
She has limits as a boss: "I do have limits as the boss."
She must stop the fake lip kits.
She still needs to take her Lambo out!!!
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