Arya & Brienne's Epic Duel Proves Once Again That This Is The Season For Women On GoT

We're only four episodes into the seventh season of Game of Thrones, but so far this has been the series' most pro-women season yet.
The writers wasted no time showcasing the power of the women by opening the season premiere with Arya Stark exacting her revenge on the Freys, who were responsible for killing many Starks, including her mother and brother Robb, by impersonating the late Walder Frey (whom she killed at the end of Season 6) and poisoning his loyal followers.
Since that incredible cold open, Cersei has gotten comfortable at the Iron Throne, Daenerys has claimed Dragonstone and destroyed a Lannister army with her winged beasts, Sansa proved she was worthy of ruling Winterfell in Jon Snow's absence, young Lady Mormont defended women's rights to go to war, lady Tyrell had the last laugh against the Lannisters while dying, Missandei had a totally feminist sex scene, and Yara Greyjoy kissed Ellaria Sand right before going sword-to-sword with her uncle Euron's horrifying crew.
But if we know one thing about women, it's that there are endless opportunities for them to amaze the hell out of us. This was absolutely the case in the latest episode "The Spoils of War," in which Arya and Brienne of Tarth — who is kind of famous for her ability to kill grown men with the flick of her wrist — had the most badass duel.
The fight went down shortly after Arya told Sansa that she's a skilled assassin with a lengthy hit list, and it's safe to say that everyone, especially Brienne, was impressed as the young Stark dipped, dodged, and struck at her opponent with a fierce precision. While fun, it was really special to watch as Brienne, who once swore an oath to protect Katelyn Stark, witnessed someone as ambitious and determined to destroy social norms both on and off the battlefield.
We weren't the only ones who loved the scene, either. Here are some of the greatest online reactions from viewers:
Though scenes like the one on Sunday are a great start in honouring women's depth and capabilities, we can't dismiss the fact that the series seriously lacks writing from women. So far, women have only penned four episodes. If the show wants to prove it's got a feminist edge, it should make sure to celebrate the women behind the camera as well as the ones in front of it.

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