What Is The Long Night On Game Of Thrones?

While speaking to Daenerys about armies of the undead and an ensuing “Long Night,” Jon Snow sounded like a tinfoil hat-wearing, conspiracy theory-spewing, absolutely raving lunatic. But, as we know better than the Mother of Dragons, Jon Snow is telling the truth.
Anyone who knows anything about White Walkers is concerned with the future of civilisation. Petyr Baelish got nihilistic and spoke about how easy everyone’s problems will become once the world succumbs to the undead. Bran Stark sat by a weirwood tree and thumbed through his mental picture book of all that ever was, and all that ever will be. Ever practical, Sansa Stark stockpiled her grains.
The Long Night is sending Northerners into bouts of brooding for a reason: It’s coming, and it’s going to be grim. The last time the Long Night descended on the map, it was during a time in pre-history. Join us as we warg our way back into the Age of Heroes, when flaming swords beat back White Walkers, and day almost never came again.
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