Lupita Nyong'o's Comic-Con Experience Is Everything

Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images.
At this point, it's impossible to keep up all the gifts the San Diego Comic-Con has give us. From the first look at A Wrinkle in Time, to Ben Affleck saying how "fucking" amazing Batman is, to finally learning the theme of American Horror Story (it's "Cult"), we're still reeling from all the amazing moments being shared on social media and across the internet.
But, there is one gem that was just unearthed today that is without a doubt the best thing to come from the huge event. (Okay, well second thing after the photo of Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber's son dressed as a badass Harley Quinn.)
It's a well-known fact that celebrities attending Comic-Con like to dress and blend in with fans (and often times surprise them). The whole function is full of cosplayers dressed to the nines, so why shouldn't the stars join in on the fun, too? That's exactly what was going through Lupita Nyong'o's mind. The Oscar-wining actress was in attendance of SDCC to promote her new role as Nakia, a mysterious covert agent, in the highly-anticipated Black Panther, and tested out her incognito skills. The 34-year-old dressed up as the Pink Power Ranger and made sure her recognisable face was covered for the full effect. Her team taught all of her undercover shenanigans on camera, and she shared a video of her dancing and prancing around the convention centre. She looks absolutely blissful as she messes with unknowing fans. The sunglasses are an incredibly hilarious final touch.
She captioned her video with a simple question: "Did you see me at Comic Con?!" And yes, that's Kendrick Lamar's "I Love Myself" playing as the soundtrack.
It's iconic.
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