It's Time To Meet Shadow Moon's Late Wife In This American Gods Exclusive Clip

American Gods is unlike any other show on television now for a combination of reasons: Its intensely saturated visuals, its compelling cast of misfit characters, and its continuous plot twists. While we may only be three episodes into its premiere season on STARZ, it's clear this novel turned premium television series is right at home on the screen (it has even been picked up for a season 2), and we're ready for a new character, new god, and new surprise.
It turns out that episode 4, "Git Gone," will give us all that and more. So far we've already seen men disappearing into vaginas, a groundbreaking sex scene, and countless other memorable oddities (a beefy leprechaun, a Russian butcher, a scarily tech-integrated millennial god, to name a few). Now we're finally getting some down-to-earth backstory on one of the most mystery characters on the series: Shadow Moon's wife (Ricky Whittle), Laura Moon, who died in the first episode while (spoilers ahead) performing oral sex on her best friend's husband in a car. Yeah, this show really goes there.
In this new and exclusive clip from the network, we see Laura and Shadow at the beginning of (and the peak of) their relationship: Before Shadow's arrest, before Laura's death, and before whatever is going on with Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane). The two are discussing their thoughts on the afterlife, and Laura tells Shadow that she doesn't believe in life after death. "Do you believe in the afterlife?" she asks Shadow in the clip. "I don't know. My mom did. She seemed pretty sure. She said 'All I know is there is more than I know,'" he responds. Laura looks unamused and comments: "When you die, you rot." But from the picture above and the stitches on her arm, I can let you guess why this flashback conversation seems so ironic in preparation for this week's episode.
Check out the full clip below.
American Gods airs on STARZ at 9 p.m.

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