These Series Are Perfect For People Not Ready To Commit To A TV Show

As any TV fanatic can tell you, binge-watching can be a big commitment. Maybe you’re not quite ready to whittle away your weekends watching the best HBO show of the 1990s, or catching up on a 200-episode NBC sitcom.
But there are ways to sate your TV itch that don’t involve sitting in front of the screen for hours. Enter the anthology show.
Unlike with conventional TV shows, episodes (or seasons) in anthology series are connected thematically. In classic anthology series, like The Twilight Zone, each episode stands alone, starting at square one in terms of plot and characterisation. The writers apply the same storytelling magic to a fresh tale. In more recent anthology shows, seasons, rather than episodes, are thematically connected. So, all the disparate instalments in Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story are connected under the same bone-chilling umbrella.
These are the greatest anthology TV series that’ll satisfy your need for a good story, but don’t ask for much time in return.

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