Kelly Clarkson Gets Mummy-Shamed For Giving 2-Year-Old Nutella

Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images.
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Last weekend, Kelly Clarkson introduced her 2-year-old daughter River to the joys of Nutella, an experience she shared in an adorable video on Instagram. Now, if you thought something as amazing as a sweet, creamy chocolate-hazelnut spread would be noncontroversial, then you clearly haven't encountered the most extreme celebrity mummy-shamers out there. They've gone after Chrissy Teigen more than once. They've slammed Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley. They've criticised new mom Kristin Cavallari. And now, they're here to shame Kelly Clarkson.
Here are a few of the nasty comments people left criticising Clarkson's decision to let her toddler taste Nutella. They're handily listed in order of increasing ridiculousness.
"Check the ingredients! You may rethink it in future."
"Nutella is hella bad for you,"
"Nutella is PACKED with sugars. Don't make your kids blow up."
“I really don’t want to be the Debbie downer… but here goes. I suffered from a tumour 2 years ago… changed my life… looked into what my sweet Nutella had to offer me… and I haven’t eaten it since."
"It's been confirmed to give cancer."
"Giving food like this to a child is child abuse."
Cancer? Child abuse? It's hard to believe, but I assure you that these are real comments that people actually thought were appropriate to leave on stranger's cute and innocent video of their child. It's irrational, frustrating, sickening, and totally ridiculous.
Fortunately, droves of sane people defended Clarkson in the comments section, and now they're outnumbering the haters. "Ignore the negative comments, or let them just embarrass themselves. Good mums would never treat other mums this way. Keep posting cuteness, it's a relief from all the negativity in the world!" Someone else wrote: "My kids love Nutella! People who blast another parent for doing something and letting there child experience the world and different foods are the dangerous ones!"
That's how we feel. Now pass me the jar and the spoon, please.

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