I Watched All The Netflix Originals So You Don't Have To

There are times in our lives when we must stop and ask ourselves: What is the "Netflix Original"? At face value, it seems the category is restricted to Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, Narcos, and Stranger Things. These are the Netflix Originals we know and love. (Well, some of us love them. Narcos has never really done much for me.) Explore the category, though, and you'll find a brave new world — filled to the brim with horror, fantasy, romantic comedies, and everything in between. Netflix secretly produces some — sorry, most — of the best content out there.
There's no way you could possibly watch it all. But I can! It's sort of my job.
To help you out, I've watched all of the Netflix Originals. Yes, all of them. I have sacrificed precious time in order to view at least the pilot of every OG Netflix series. Precious time that could be spent reading the great American novel or learning to crochet. To be clear: For each series, I have watched at least the pilot. (There are some pilots, friends, that simply do not invite a full binge-watch.) I have also restricted this list to fictional series — look out for another ranking of Netflix docuseries once I have the courage and fortitude to actually watch all the platform's nonfiction content.
Ahead, find the Netflix Original series, ranked from least-watchable to most-watchable for your bingeing convenience.

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