Your Complete Guide To The Hosts & Guests of Westworld

Photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy of HBO.
After many months of anticipation, we finally got our first glimpse into Westworld on Sunday night. And the dazzling Westworld premiere did not disappoint. The episode was deeply provocative, complex, and frankly like nothing we've seen before. We're more than a little intrigued. (Yes, we have quite a few theories already.)
But, like many of the greatest TV shows — Game of Thrones, The Wire Westworld has quite the assortment of characters. And quite the ensemble cast, including Anthony Hopkins, Thandie Newton, James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood and Ed Harris. Oh, and to top it off? The series also includes the elusive third Hemsworth, if you need any more reason to tune in.
We met a tonne of people in the premiere episode — hosts, guests, park engineers and managers — and we'll presumably be introduced to more each week. In other words, it's going to get confusing. So here's a handy guide to all the characters who have appeared so far on Westworld. Don't worry: We'll be updating this slideshow as needed throughout the season. And if you need a primer on the series itself, we've also got you covered on that front. Happy watching!

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