The Female Stand-Up Comedians You Need To Know

It can be tough to find new stand-up comics worth your time and attention. Still, that's no excuse to have your go-to female comic list begin and end with Amy Schumer. She definitely deserves a spot on your roster, but there are so many more funny women to choose from. Some dominate Twitter in between gigs. Some have found fame as TV stars who still fit in a set or two on the side. While some are comedians you already love, yet maybe you had no idea they actually got their start in comedy with a mic, on a lonely stage. They tackle issues from navigating online dating to dealing with politicians who are constantly spouting anti-women rhetoric.
So use this list as a jumping-off point for discovering new shows to see and comedy albums to listen to. Stand-up is still dominated by men (take a minute to read Emmy award-winning Merrill Markoe's brilliant op-ed, where she discusses exactly how absurd that whole situation is), but you could be part of the wave of fans that take these female comics to the next level of fame.
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