Shows That Will Put You In A Good Mood

When you turn off your TV/laptop for the night, do you feel worse about the world? Shocker: watching heavy fare like House of Cards, Mad Men, or Game of Thrones isn't exactly the most uplifting way to spend your time. Not that we'd ever stop ourselves, mind. Instead, we like to maintain a bit of balance in our TV consumption. For every show about conniving politicians or murderous adulterers, we like to sit down for something a little more life-affirming.
Stream an old episode of Friends or a new instalment of New Girl and remind yourself that there are people who've got your back too. Make yourself feel incredibly together in comparison to the girls on Broad City. Realise there are good people in the world by watching Parks and Recreation or The Voice. Have a laugh at Lip Sync Battle. TV doesn't always need to make you think so hard or worry so much. Sometimes, it's just to make you happy.

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