Who Has Left Farmer Wants A Wife 2024?

Right now, five farmers and a bunch of single women are trying to find that 'spark' on the latest season of Farmer Wants A Wife Australia.
At the start of the season, the five farmers each met eight single ladies who were interested in getting to know them better. At The Convent in the Hunter Valley, the farmers and the women got to know each other a little better during a series of speed dates.
By the end of the speed dating round, the farmers had whittled down their potential suitors to five women, who they then invited back to their properties for the farm stays.
They then said goodbye to the woman they felt they had the least connection with.
Below we unpack who has left Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 so far:

Farmer Bert

After the speed dating round, Farmer Bert chose to take Karli, Caitlin, April, Lauren, and Caity back to the farm with him, leaving Olivia, Ruby and Morgan to head home.




But in shocking news and a series first, Oliva, who was sent home on day one, returned to the show on Sunday 21st April. But this time it wasn't for Farmer Bert… it was for Farmer Joe!
Joe said that there was “a bit of chemistry with Olivia, she’s a good-looking girl and I’m attracted to someone who can put themselves out there like that." Maybe love will blossom!


At the farm stay, things took a turn for the dramatic with Karli and April clashing during the first few episodes, leading Bert to send April home.
“I hate drama. I have an incredibly busy life, and drama is not something I tolerate. That’s a problem for me,” Bert said before eliminating April.


On Monday, April 22nd, Farmer Bert sent Caity home.




Farmer Dustin

At the end of the speed dating round, 26-year-old Dustin chose Sophie, Anna, Chloe, Kara and Izzy to go to the farm with him, which left Felicity, Rebecca and Kianah heading home.

Felicity, Rebecca & Kianah

After a double date with Anna and Kara, he decided to send Kara home.



In episode 9, Farmer Dustin said goodbye to Chloe.

Farmer Dean

In surprising news, during the episode airing Tuesday, April 23rd, Farmer Dean decided to send home all of his women but one — Teegan. He confessed his love to her, saying "I've fallen in love with you", before deciding to leave the show hand-in-hand.
These are the other ladies that Dean sent home before the big ep:

Chloe, Jayden, Danae

He went on a double date with Tiffany and Kate and decided to send Kate home.


Farmer Joe

Sarah, Claire, Keely, Cayla and Chelsea joined Farmer Joe on the farm after the speed dating round, while Alice, Jen and Taylah headed home.

Alice, Jen, Taylah

He invited Chelsea and Keely on his double date and ultimately decided to say goodbye to Chelsea.



In episode 8, newcomer Susie shocked Farmer Joe and decided to head home despite their clear connection. “You deserve someone who is sure about that lifestyle,” Susie said to Joe as she was leaving. “It would be really disingenuous of me to stay, having tried and realised I don’t like it.”


Calya shocked fans (and Farmer Joe) when she revealed in episode 11 that she just wasn't cut out for farm life.
"I'm not going to lie, it's been hard," Calya told Farmer Joe. "I felt so good after our date and I was here and present, but then after the days of processing... I'm just so focused on what I want to achieve. I don't see myself full-time on a farm."
Joe sadly agreed with her. "A lifestyle here with me would be holding you back from your full potential," he said to her.

Farmer Tom

At the end of the speed dating round, Farmer Tom decided he clicked best with Sarah C, Krissy, Taylah, Sarah A and Abby and invited them back to the farm. Meanwhile, Emma, Laura and Holly headed home.

Emma, Laura, Holly

After going on a double date with Taylah and Abby, Tom decided to send Abby home.



On Monday, 22nd April, Farmer Tom decided to send Taylah home.

Sarah A


In episode 13, Farmer Tom made the big choice to choose Sarah C as his final pick and enter into a relationship with her.
Sadly, this meant that Krissy was sent home.

Farmer Todd

With the newest farmer joining the show, he quickly settled into speed-dating his eight matches.
After his initial dates, Todd made the decision not to invite Anna, Mollie and Jamira back to the farm.




Keep checking back here as we continue to update this article as more women leave the show as the farmers continue their FWAW journey.
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