Are Farmer Tom & Sarah Still Together From Farmer Wants A Wife?

It's time! We've finally had our second farmer leave this season of Farmer Wants A Wife. This time, Farmer Tom has finally found love — and it's with the beautiful Sarah C!
Tom had whittled his potential wives to just two people — Sarah and Krissy.
As the youngest farmer set off to meet the remaining two ladies' families, it kicked off with a grilling by Sarah C's parents and best friend over in Western Australia. But things went better than anticipated, with Sarah's dad saying Tom seemed like a "pretty decent bloke".
Over with Krissy's family in Mollymook, Tom dealt with some difficult questions from Krissy's dad, who wanted to see if he had his "daughter's best interests at heart."
Then it was decision time, with Tom finally telling Sarah that his heart belonged to her. “It has been an honour having you around the farm," he told her. "I’ve absolutely loved every moment of it. Sarah, you are the person that I want a relationship with, and I am falling in love with you.”
Sarah went on to drop the big L-bomb, saying that she was "excited to move back to the farm and have you all to myself” before saying "I do love you."
Tom replied: "I love you too."
No, I'm not crying. Someone's just cutting onions in here!
Meanwhile, Krissy was understandably disappointed at not being chosen. “I’m a bit shocked and I think I have a valid reason to be," she said. "I did not see this coming.”

Are Farmer Tom and Sarah Still Together?

While we haven't received confirmation about their relationship status yet (and likely won't until the planned reunion), these two still follow each other on Instagram, which is always a good sign.
Sarah also shared a photo of herself late last year in Beechworth, Victoria, which is just over an hour's drive from Tom's farm in Nagambie. If you ask me, that makes it seem pretty likely that they're still together.
We'll keep checking for any clues that these two are still together, so keep checking back for updates.
Farmer Tom's departure comes soon after Farmer Dean found love with Teegan, leaving the show just six episodes in. It's also been heavily rumoured that Farmer Bert leaves the show solo, with him telling Refinery29 Australia in an interview: "If the person is right, I'm 100 per cent in."
Farmer Todd was brought in as a late addition, seemingly in an effort to make up for the rapidly departing farmers.
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