Are Farmer Dean & Teegan Still Together From Farmer Wants A Wife?

After just six episodes (yep, you read that right), we've already had one man from Farmer Wants A Wife leave the show hand-in-hand with a woman.
On Tuesday night's episode, Farmer Dean revealed that he would be leaving the show with Teegan, after admitting he had fallen in love with her.
"There's been a massive connection between me and you since day dot," the 25-year-old farmer told the 23-year-old woman. "Along the journey, we have just seemed to grow and grow our connection, and obviously that's what I came here to do."
Teegan admitted that the first time she stepped foot on the farm, "it's just really felt like home".
Farmer Dean then went on to confess his love for her. "Teegan, I have fallen in love with you," he told her. "I want this journey between me and you to start."
Teegan revealed that she was also in love with Dean, to which he said, "If you look on top of the moon right now, I'm there."
"The farmer has found a wife," he said excitedly, before the two of them decided to exit the show and start a life together.

Are Farmer Dean and Teegan together now?

While Dean and Teegan haven't confirmed (or denied!) their relationship yet, the two of them still follow each other on Instagram which is always a good sign.
But according to So Dramatic!, an insider has revealed that Dean and Teegan's exit might not have been as wholesome as we think.
“He didn’t really find love,” the insider said. “All the girls on his farm threatened to leave the show, but it wasn’t shown.”
“It seemed as though he genuinely did not want [his ladies] there, and they were invading his space," they continued.
One of the most controversial moments of the season so far was when it was revealed that Teegan potentially had a 'secret boyfriend' on the outside — a moment that saw him spend more time with Teegan.
According to the source, the time they spent together meant that the other girls "threatened to walk off the show together."
“Producers quickly split [Dean and his girls] up and took their phones off them,” they said. “They had to stay in separate AirBnBs while producers came up with the idea of creating a story of him falling in love with Teegan and leaving with her to explain why all his suitors were leaving the show.”
While it's important to note that these claims haven't been verified, it could still be an important piece of information — especially if Teegan and Dean are no longer together.
As soon as we have more information we'll keep you in the loop.
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