Everything We Know About Farmer Wants A Wife 2024

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Get your boots and hat ready, because five new farmers are set to put their hearts on the line in the brand-new season of Farmer Wants A Wife
The 2024 season of the popular reality dating show, which sees single women vying for the hearts of farmers from NSW, Queensland and Victoria, is set to premiere on Channel Seven and 7Plus very soon. 
In a teaser clip released in February, host Samantha Armitage says that the new season is “true love at its unpredictable best”. 
“This is not made up. From the moment they meet, whatever happens, happens,” she continues. 
As with previous seasons, Season 14 promises to be packed with genuine connections, plenty of laughs and some unexpected drama, with Armitage hinting in the trailer that something happens “that has never, ever happened before on Farmer Wants A Wife”. 
Here’s everything we know (so far) about Farmer Wants A Wife 2024: 

When Does Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 Start? 

We finally have a premiere date for Season 14 of Farmer Wants A Wife! The new season will premiere on Sunday, 14 April at 7pm over on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Who Is The Host?

Former Sunrise host Samantha Armitage returns as the main host of Farmer Wants A Wife in 2024. Armitage joined the cast of FWAW in 2022, alongside original host Natalie Gruzlewski, and became the main host of the show in 2023
Gruzlewski also returns this season to help Armitage guide the contestants through their journey to (hopefully!) long-lasting love

Who Is The Cast?

This year, five farmers from New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland are looking for love and the season will feature farms along the East Coast of Australia, from tropical Queensland to the blistering cold Snowy Mountains. 

Farmer Bert, 30 – Wamuran, QLD

Farmer Bert is a fourth-generation pineapple, dragon fruit and pumpkin farmer from Wamuran, Queensland. He describes himself as ‘rough around the edges’ with a ‘really big heart’. 
“I am hard working, determined, and look forward to new experiences…anything that is going to give me an adrenaline rush,” he says. “I may put off a little bit of a hard exterior but I’m a big emotional softy who loves his friends and family. I would do anything for them and tend to put others before myself.” 
The 30-year-old is looking for a partner who will fit into his life on the farm, which is located 50 minutes outside of Brisbane, and also get along with his nan. 
“My ideal partner would have an easy-going personality, be willing to try new things and get along with everyone (especially Nanna!). She would be adventurous like I am and open to coming along to the things I enjoy doing,” he says. 
“I am looking for someone who will be supportive but also keep me honest and tell me when I need to pull my head in. I would like someone who is confident in themselves and enjoys a level of independence.” 
In the trailer, Bert is momentarily speechless when he meets one particular contestant at the speed dating round, admitting that it’s “an intimidating feeling meeting a beautiful woman”. 

Farmer Joe, 33 – Bombala, NSW

Farmer Joe is a cattle and sheep farmer from the Monora region in the Snowy Mountains. He describes himself as ‘tall, dark and handsome’, funny and family-orientated. 
The 33-year-old is hoping to find a partner who will enjoy horse rides with him in the beautiful region he calls home. 
“I’m looking for someone who’s beautiful inside and out. A love for travel and the outdoors is also important. Someone who is strong and independent, who knows what she wants and is content with who she is,” he says.
“Someone that fits into my life without either of us having to change. Someone who is fit, active and can adapt well to farm life. I want someone who’s my equal; I don’t need someone to look after me or mother me.” 

Farmer Dustin, 26 – Condobolin, NSW

Farmer Dustin is a cattle, sheep, goat and crop farmer from Condobolin in NSW. He describes himself as a little shy and quiet but determined and ‘driven to succeed’. 
The 26-year-old is looking for a partner who is family-orientated and resilient.
“I would love a partner that is happy, fun, loving, loves a good time, easy going, thick-skinned, tough, resilient, loyal, not afraid to have a go, and family-oriented,” he says. “I am genuinely looking for a partner for life, so I would like to meet someone who is ready to settle down and ready to move to the farm.” 

Farmer Dean, 25 – Kandanga, QLD

Farmer Dean is a cattle and watermelon farmer from Queensland. He describes himself as outgoing, fun, hardworking and driven. 
The 25-year-old says he’s not ‘too picky’ when looking for a partner and is hoping to find someone who has similar values as him. 
“Someone who can make me laugh and smile. Who’s keen to have a crack! You know what I mean? Just willing to have a go!” he says. “Someone I can take home to Mum & Dad. A family-loving person, who wants to live on the farm, enjoy the country life and loves animals.” 
He says he’s also looking for someone who is "100 per cent honest and loyal". 

Farmer Tom, 22 – Tabilk, VIC

Farmer Tom is a cattle and crop farmer from Victoria. He describes himself as someone who is ‘very motivated’ with a dry sense of humour. 
The 22-year-old is looking for a partner who is positive and has strong family values. 
“I’m looking for someone who’s very caring and very supportive. Farming can be demanding, so I’d like to find someone who understands that and will stick it out by my side,” he says. “I’d like to find someone motivated, and family-oriented, who has a positive attitude. And there’s always room for a cheeky side – you’ve gotta have fun!” 

What Women Are In The Cast?

We finally know what women are competing in this season of Farmer Wants A Wife, which you can read over on our dedicated page.

What Is The Prize? 

As always, the prize for this season of FWAW is love! The farmers and the contestants go on to show in the hopes of meeting someone like-minded and building a long-lasting connection.

Watch The Trailer For Farmer Wants A Wife 2024

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