Meet The Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 Cast

It's about to get rootin' and tootin' in here, because the 2024 season of Farmer Wants A Wife has arrived! We already know that this year, we'll have five gents looking for love — Farmer Bert, Farmer Joe, Farmer Dustin, Farmer Dean and Farmer Tom. But we haven't known who will be vying for their hearts... until now.
After thousands of applications from eligible singles, we now know what faces we'll see this season, with the full cast for Farmer Wants A Wife being announced. Let's get to know which ladies will battle it out for a life full of cows, wheat, plaid shirts, dirt, and plenty of good ol' farmer love.
Ahead, the cast of the 2024 season of Farmer Wants A Wife.

Farmer Bert, 30

A fourth-generation pineapple and dragon fruit farmer who is "impeccably mannered, selfless and honest, with a heart of gold". Bert runs his family farm on his own, but is looking for someone to lighten the load with.
He's after someone funny, outgoing and adventurous — and his nanna has to approve of them.

Farmer Bert's Women

Caity, 30, Clinical Nurse

A nurse from Queensland, Caity, says she's a great cook and is family-oriented. So much so, that two of her exes' mums cried when they broke up.

Karli, 32, Customer Service

This Victorian woman is spontaneous, fun, and always up for an adventure. She says she likes to be busy and has an extremely strong work ethic.

Caitlin, 27, Disability Support Worker

Hailing from Queensland, this disability support worker is a self-described "catch" who is a very positive person. She values loyalty, honesty and family, and says she has a big heart.

April, 29, Registered Nurse

This registered nurse loves caring for others and making a difference. Living in Queensland, she says that she's "just like a pineapple" — she stands tall, is sweet on the inside, and wears a crown.

Morgan, 23, Multimedia Assistant

Morgan is a secret introvert with a sarcastic streak who prides herself on being a people person. She says she wears her heart on her sleeve and feels things deeply.

Ruby, 25, Registered Nurse

Ruby looks for the best in people and tries to make people smile. She says that she cares a lot for people.

Olivia, 29, Tutor

If Olivia wants something, she goes and gets it. She says she's ambitious, kind, caring, and family-oriented, and prides herself on being independent.

Lauren, 27, Behaviour Support Practitioner

Lauren feels things deeply, is family-oriented, and a bit of a softie.

Farmer Joe, 33

This cattle and sheep farmer from Bombala, New South Wales, is a passionate rugby player who loves horses, fishing, and travel. He says he's a social butterfly with a cheeky personality, but family is everything to him.

Farmer Joe's Women

Sarah, 31, Livestock Administrator

Sarah says she's empathetic and compassionate. She also grew up on a cattle farm, so is well-versed when it comes to farm life.

Jen, 34, Equine Vet

Jen says she's unapologetically herself and fearlessly expresses her thoughts and opinions.

Alice, 32, Executive Assistant

Alice loves fashion and style and enjoys the finer things in life. She loves design and finishing a good book.

Taylah, 28, Hairdresser

Taylah has a background in farming as her grandparents had a farm. She loves the land and wants to raise a family on it.

Keely, 28, Resort Office Supervisor

Keely wants to experience everything life has to offer and has been living remotely for the last two years. So yeah, she knows what it's like to be away from civilisation!

Claire, 36, Marketing Manager

Claire loves exploring and doing crazy things. She wants to be on the land and surround herself with little ones.

Calya, 27, Fashion Stylist

Calya has lived in many different cultures and loves to smile. Her grandparents lived on a farm so it's her happy place.

Chelsea, 30, Prison Guard

This prison guard tries not to judge anyone and has been single for six years. She loves basketball.

Farmer Dustin, 26

This third-generation farmer feels a responsibility to continue his family legacy. He says he has a heart of gold and loves to "take the mickey".
He's looking for someone who's happy, fun-loving, thick-skinned, and has a good sense of humour. He also wants to be married with kids by 30.

Farmer Dustin's Women

Anna, 28, Midwife

Anna is passionate about her job and helps rural women get the same access to healthcare as those in the city. She also wants to settle down and have kids.

Sophie, 28, Speech Pathologist

Sophie loves stepping outside her comfort zone, travelling, and keeping fit. She works with children with disabilities and loves to cook.

Chloe, 27, Vineyard Lab Assistant

Chloe loves animals, is a good cook, and prides herself on being family-oriented.

Felicity, 24, Livestock Saleyard Assistant

Felicity says she's honest and understanding and is a ball of fun. She's ready to find a husband, settle down, and have kids in a few years.

Izzy, 26, Fashion Designer's Assistant

Izzy can talk to a brick wall and loves adventure. But as she gets older, she's growing to appreciate home time. She loves baking and wears sneakers over heels.

Bec, 25, OH&S Advisor

Bec is the life of the party, resilient, hardworking, and wants to try everything. She wants to have a traditional, feminine role in a relationship.

Kara, 22, Supermarket Supervisor

Kara says she's kind, caring, and likes to make people laugh. She's old-fashioned and would like to be a stay-at-home mum.

Kianah, 26, Primary and Special Needs Teacher

Kianah's life goal is to live on a farm. She loves good, healthy competition, is adventurous, and has a big heart.

Farmer Dean, 25

This third-generation cattle and watermelon farmer says he isn't picky when it comes to partners, but wants someone who's outgoing, hardworking, driven, and keen to have a crack.

Farmer Dean's Women

Teegan, 23, Childcare Educator

Teegan is fun, outgoing, understanding, and has a good sense of humour. She wants to start a family in five years and her ultimate goal is to be a mum.

Danae, 24, Registered Nurse

This old soul says she likes to have a laugh and a good chat. She's a cheeky extrovert who cares for everyone, including children as a paediatric nurse.

Bella, 24, Marketing

Bella has managed several businesses and has grown tired of corporate city life. Now, she wants to start a family on a farm.

Tiffany, 24, Conveyancing Paralegal

Tiffany is outgoing and gets along with anyone. She lived in Malaysia for three years, and makes a mean rocky road slice.

Jayden, 24, Registered Nurse

Jayden is a Jill of all trades as a nurse who owns a photography business, runs a creative retail team, and loves to paint and bake.

Chloe, 27, RSPCA Foster Care Coordinator

Chloe is genuine and a good listener. She says she's the "hype girl" for her friends and adores all animals, especially cows.

Kate, 29, Interior Designer

Kate says she's kind-hearted and an animal lover who enjoys riding horses. She also tells great dad jokes.

Hayley, 27, Marketing Assistant

This introvert stays true to herself but loves a chat with friends and family. She's a good listener and will try everything once.

Farmer Tom, 22

This cattle and crop farmer has been working since he was a teenager. He has a practical approach to life and likes to laugh at himself, enjoy country music festivals, and horse shows.

Farmer Tom's Women

Laura, 20, Childcare Educator

At 20, Laura is ready to settle down. She prides herself on being resilient and positive and thinks she and Tom are a perfect match.

Abby, 20, Architecture Student

Abby says she's a voice of reason. She's an Indigenous woman who plays field hockey and has branded cattle before.

Krissy, 29, Customer Services

Krissy says she's loyal, self-reflective, and trusting. She's done karate since she was seven years old.

Sarah C, 23, Speech Pathologist

What you see is what you get when it comes to Sarah C. She says she's a hopeless romantic and is deeply loyal to those she loves.

Taylah, 23, Stable Hand

Taylah has been riding and working with horses her whole life, but she's also a qualified beautician.

Emma, 22, Hairdresser

Emma prides herself on her work ethic and is always in full glam makeup. She's old school and likes to cook and clean, and says old-school values are hard to find these days.

Sarah A, 21, Uni Student

Sarah A loves animals and has always wanted to be a cowgirl. She loves to actively listen to people.

Holly, 26, Uni Student

Holly says she's a very perceptive person who thinks of others before herself. She's never been in a relationship and has been working on herself, waiting to find the right person.
Farmer Wants A Wife premieres at 7.00pm on Sunday, 14 April, on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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