The Wildest TV, Film & Docs About Scams & Swindlers Out In 2022

Photo Courtesy of Hulu.
Within our beloved genre of true crime, in the last year, one sub-genre has risen like a victor, captivating our interest above all: scammers
Just what is it about those who allegedly scheme, lie, steal and cheat that is so damn hair-raisingly juicy? There’s no doubt that the outlandish con of Fyre Festival and the shocking 2019 Netflix documentary – which went viral for the outrageous involvement of celebrity influencers, grainy social media snaps of shit sandwiches and anecdotes of oral sex for Evian water – would have given us a taste of batshit stranger-than-fiction stories. And since then, it seems the bigger the fraud, the steeper the vertical downfall, the higher profile the swindling mastermind is, the more we yearn for every juicy morsel of information. 
And 2022 is looking like a big year for scammers, with some of the biggest developments happening in real time (accidental girl boss Elizabeth Holmes was convicted for her lie machine Theranos this month) – here are all the best films, TV and documentaries to catch this year…

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