10 First Nations TikTok Creators To Help Decolonise Your Feed

TikTok has become an unlikely place of refuge for Blak people; a place to strengthen their community, showcase their creativity and amplify their perspectives. It’s also a fact that TikTok is increasingly establishing itself as a powerful tool for social change.   
On January 26, Indigenous people around the nation will mark the day by gathering to protest and reflect on the impacts of colonialism, inequality and racism within our country. Others will spread this message through a more contemporary platform — and there's no shortage of First Nations TikTok creators using their platforms for education and activism.  
When viewed collectively, their content reflects the triple axes of a fight for sovereignty, justice and the power of community. But perhaps most impressively, they have redefined what it means to be an ‘influencer’ by boosting Indigenous representation and revealing the complexities of First Nations peoples’ lived experience. 
With First Nations content creators popping up on TikTok in droves, there is no better time to get behind the movement that celebrates the amplification of Indigenous voices and representation. To get you started, we’ve put together a list of our favourite Indigenous TikTok creators, ahead.
Mikele Syron is a writer from Sydney who uses her lived experience as a multicultural Australian woman (Indigenous and European) to highlight persistent injustice and racial inequalities, as well as amplify the voices of ordinary people via the telling of their extraordinary stories. A former broadcast news reporter, her interests are broad, with much of her current work tapping into the lifestyle, wellness and relationships spaces.

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