Who Will Win MasterChef Australia 2024?

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead. We're well into season 16 of MasterChef Australia — and it's been the wholesome return we were hoping for. We've seen judges Poh Ling Yeow and Sofia Levin serve stylish outfits on repeat, rumours about how the dishes are kept warm be debunked, and long-held mysteries like, what happens to the food after the show finishes, have finally been solved.
But at the end of the day, it's the cooking that keeps us captivated. As what started with 22 contestants battling it out, we've watched on as the cooks crack under the pressure and get sent home. The competition is only set to continue as we pursue who will don the final crown.
While there are still a few of weeks to go, it seems that the winner of the 2024 season of MasterChef Australia might have already been leaked. Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.

Who Wins MasterChef Australia 2024?

Sportsbet odds have officially dropped and there's a clear winner amongst the odds — Nat Thaipun.
A proud Australian-born Thai woman, Nat currently tops the betting odds as most likely to win at $2.00.
Following behind her are Sumeet Saigal at $2.25 and Harry Butterfield at $7.00, with the rest of the contestants trailing further behind.
While it's not a foolproof method of determining a winner, the fact that Nat is miles ahead of her competition in the betting odds, combined with her stellar performance on the show, is certainly a recipe for a winner!

Who Is The Rumoured Winner Of MasterChef Australia, Nat Thaipun?

Nat Thaipun is a 28-year-old from Victoria and prior to her time on MasterChef Australia, worked as a barista. Raised as traditionally Thai, Nat spoke the language and longs to keep her connection to Thai culture and family traditions alive.
She's passionate about breaking cultural stigmas and hopes that the MasterChef kitchen will "provide the opportunity to represent her culture through her food, personality and style."
Outside of the kitchen, Nat loves snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and skydiving, and she's adorned with more than 90 tattoos. So essentially, she's far cooler than us.

What Are The Full Betting Odds For MasterChef Australia?

At the time of writing, the betting odds for MasterChef Australia are as follows:
- Nat Thaipun — 1.57
- Sumeet Saigal — 2.25
- Harry Butterfield — 7.00
- Josh Perry — 10.00
- Savindri Perera — 13.00
- Mimi Wong — 17.00
- Darrsh Clarke — 19.00
- Gillian Dinh — 26.00
- Alex Crisp — 34.00
- Lachlan Whittle — 51.00
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