Who Left MasterChef Australia Tonight?: Full Elimination List

Attention, cooks! MasterChef Australia is finally here. In 2024, we're watching on as 22 home cooks battle it out for the chance of being crowned 2024's MasterChef. This season, they're doing their thing in the kitchen in order to impress our new judging panel, featuring Poh Ling Yeow, Sofia Levin, Andy Allen and Jean-Christophe Novelli.
As contestants attempt to fry and whisk their way to the $250,000 prize, we've lost a few budding chefs on our way to the grand finale. Here's who's been sent home and eliminated from MasterChef Australia 2024 so far.

Gill, Eliminated Episode 33

With guest chef Adriano Zumbo in the kitchen, Gill sadly found herself eliminated during Sweet Week, when she slipped up in a Macaron taste test and was forced into an elimination cook.
The challenge saw the contestnats had to pair any ingredients from the first round with coffee — a taste that Gill wasn't too fond of. Deciding on a coffee creme caramel, her dessert was sadly overbaked and she was sent home.

Josh, Eliminated Episode 28

In this challenge, the contestants were asked to 'celebrate meat' — however, it had to be through using only plant-based ingredients! Josh tried to create a steak and jus with carrots, but the judges weren't so impressed with what he whipped up. As a result, he was sadly eliminated.

Sue, Eliminated Episode 26

With guest judge Curtis Stone hopping into the MasterChef Australia kitchen, five contestants were entered into a cook-along elimination challenge.
While Sue was initially happy over a cook-along as opposed to a pressure test, she soon found that the challenge was quite difficult and she couldn't keep up. Sadly, she was eliminated.

David, Eliminated Episode 25

In this elimination challenge, celebrity chef Rick Stein tasked contestants with creating a dish with a hero of raw seafood. Choosing a tuna dish with raspberries and apple puree, the judges found that David's dish was too imbalanced.
Forced to cook in round two, his smoked salmon with couscous and fennel salad was unfortunately deemed to be the least impressive, and he was sent home.

Savindri, Eliminated (Then Returned)

A four-hour pressure test was the thing to send Savindri home, where contestants had to recreate a technical dish by Darren Purchese. Unfortunately the judges said her brownie was dry and her cheesecake wasn't balanced, and sent her home.
However, her MasterChef hopes came back to life when eliminated contestants were given the chance to win their spot back in the competition, which Savindri won.

Stephen, Eliminated Episode 21

The contestants were tasked with creating a dish that featured eggs in an interesting way, and while it might have seemed simple, it was sadly the challenge that led to Stephen's elimination.
While he was confident that he would be fine with his tempura-battered soft-boiled eggs with asparagus and miso sauce, his eggs were overcooked, which meant that they didn't ooze out. Unfortunately, this threw the balance of his dish off, and he was sent home.

Snezana, Eliminated Episode 19

Snezana found herself eliminated after Anna Polyviou's elimination challenge. The challenge asked contestants to recreate an original dessert, which was quite difficult and intricate.
Unfortunately, Snezana need to remake multiple elements and her flavours weren't well balanced, despite her plating looking immaculate. This led to her being sent home.

Juan De La Cruz, Eliminated Episode 17

Unfortunately, the king of empanadas couldn't survive episode 17's elimination. The all-in elimination saw contestants either cook with an ingredient that they could see, or choose to risk it all with one hidden under a cloche. Since Juan's visible ingredient was soybeans, he made the decision to gamble, instead working with limes.
While it was a great gamble, things unravelled when Juan realised that he had missed the brief, thinking that he had to cook something Vietnamese-inspired when he actually just had to showcase the key ingredient! His end dish was mismatched, with judges saying he didn't understand the brief.
For his second cook, Juan took on empanadas to showcase his Argentinian heritage, but sadly the judges said that his filling was lacking, ending his time in the MasterChef Australia 2024 kitchen.

Lourdes, Eliminated Episode 15

Following on from the French-themed Mystery Box challenge, Lourdes found herself in a pressure test where she had to recreate Liam Downes' Smoked Egg Yolk Raviolo with Truffle and Asparagus.
While she was full of confidence at the beginning, things soon began to unravel after she cooked her pasta for too long. Lourdes' egg was also missing the desired smokey flavour and was solid (instead of runny) when the judges dug in.
It came down between Lourdes and Gill, whose dish was missing some elements. But in the end, it was Lourdes' yolk that cracked, ending her time in the MasterChef kitchen.

Lily, Eliminated Episode 13

In episode 13, Lily was, unfortunately, the one to be eliminated. Sunday night's elimination saw all remaining chefs be blindfolded, where they had to rely on their sense of taste and smell to correctly identify ingredients.
Lily felt lucky to have picked the first spot in the challenge, but this only went downhill when it came to round two and she couldn't identify eggplant.
She and five chefs went into the elimination cook, and told that they were only using ingredients from the first round, with no access to the pantry or additional staples. Unfortunately, this led to her downfall and she was sent home.

Khristian, Eliminated Episode 11

In Episode 11, Khristian was sadly eliminated after Jean-Christophe's 'Jack in the Box' dish challenge.
Khristian sadly struggled with his sugar squares, with them continuously breaking and being a much darker colour than they should have been.
Things got worse when one of his sugar walls fell over after the cook finished. With the judges tasting his dish, they found that he had forgotten to put in the roasted hazelnuts, his chocolate mousse was overmixed, and he was missing the vanilla — leading to his elimination.

Jonathan, Eliminated Episode 9

For Episode Nine, a very special guest dropped by the MasterChef kitchen — Andy Allen's mum! The contestants were tasked with reinventing one of her favourite classic dishes from the 80s, with Jonathan choosing to overhaul Maree's Fruit Salad Slice.
But things started going downhill when Jonathan simply recreated the dessert, as well as having difficulties with his cheesecake when its crust stuck to the mould, forcing him to serve it still in the tin.
After the second round of cooking, Jonathan was sadly the one to be eliminated.
"I don't think I appreciated how much of a mental game [MasterChef] is," Jonathan said. "People have to give up so much to be there, you’re away from your family and friends... Unless you’re in a really good headspace and you can maintain that throughout the show, it’s very easy to come undone."

Steph, Eliminated Episode 7

In the 'Keeping Up With Jamie' elimination challenge, Steph was tasked with serving up 'Trevor's Chicken' along with her fellow contestants. During the challenge, she removed the chicken breast too early, leading to a meal with a "different look" than that of the other contestants.
When Jamie Oliver and the judges tasted the dish, they found that her chicken breast was overcooked and her stuffing wasn't great. Unfortunately, this led to her elimination.
“This has been really hard, but I think it’s shown how driven that I am, and I’m ready for the next thing," Steph said while crying after being eliminated.

James, Eliminated Episode 5

When the first elimination of the season rolled around, James was, unfortunately, the cook to get the chop. While he was hoping to impress, his squid-based dish was undercooked and considered the "least impressive" dish by judge Poh Ling Yeow.
"It's been a privilege to be with these guys and to be cooking in front of your kind watchful eyes," the 38-year-old from Western Australia said after being eliminated. "It's that weird feeling of being proud of yourself, but also disappointed." 
MasterChef Australia continues Sunday - Wednesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.
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