11 Unexpected Household Buys That’ll Completely Upgrade Your Life

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There are the big-ticket purchases we make — our first car, the perfect pair of boots, a really good mattress — that are pretty life-changing. And then there are the ones we make that may seem insignificant at the time, but end up upgrading our lives at a micro-level.
As suckers for anything that makes us feel more productive than we actually are, we spend a fair share of our time scouring the Internet for ways to organise better, tackle chores efficiently and get the most out of our cleaning. So when we hear about a new nifty device or product that has eluded our grasp, we're all over it.
To share the wisdom, we've rounded up some of our best household buys, courtesy of the depths of Amazon. Scroll on for the micro-upgrades awaiting.
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