We Tested Hailey Bieber’s Favourite HexClad Knives — Here’s What We Found

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As someone who generally spends more time thinking about what to order in than what to make for dinner, I never thought I’d get excited about a knife set. But when I heard all the buzz about HexClad knives (after first seeing them in Hailey Bieber's kitchen tour) I had to see what the fuss was about for myself. Spoiler alert: these might just be the thing to get me into the kitchen more often.

Hexclad The Essential 6 pc Knife Set, $594.99


First Impressions

Let’s talk about looks because, honestly, that’s what first caught my eye. HexClad kindly gifted me a set to review, and when I first opened the box, my first thought was: these knives are seriously sleek. They're super sharp, and their forest green wooden handles would be at home in both a modern or a more traditional farmhouse-style kitchen.
The handles have a great heft to them, which makes them feel high quality, and the set comes with all the knives you'd need every day: a large chef's knife, a serrated bread knife, a utility knife, a paring knife and a Santoku knife (my favourite, and the one pictured below), plus a knife sharpening steel. The knives have a cool wavy pattern on the blade which isn’t just for show — it actually helps with the knife’s non-stick abilities. Fancy and functional? Sign me up.


The HexClad knives are seriously sharp, which makes chopping fruits and veggies (including butternut pumpkin, watermelon or even tomatoes, which I always find tricky with other knives) feel like slicing through butter. The handle is a great weight — not too heavy, not too light — and feels really comfortable. It didn't matter if I was chopping up chicken or slicing a loaf of bread; everything felt smooth and easy. The non-stick surface on the blade is a game-changer, too, especially when you’re chopping sticky foods like garlic. This made the clean-up a breeze, which is always a bonus.


The biggest con is the price point — HexClad knives aren’t cheap. They’re definitely an investment, and in my view, while you can upgrade to the version with a magnetic knife block for an additional $135, when you're paying close to $600 for a knife set, they should come with storage included. Having said that, my grandma always said, “buy once, buy well,” and these knives are a perfect example of investing in something that will last you for years to come.

Final Thoughts

So, are HexClad knives really worth all the hype? In my experience, these knives are spenny but worth it. The older I get, the more I learn that spending a bit more upfront for something that will last longer and continue to perform just makes sense. If you’re someone who cooks a lot, or even if you’re like me and just want to make your occasional cooking sessions easier and more enjoyable, these knives are a great kitchen upgrade. They’ve made my cooking experience (even if my repertoire most days is easy, throw-together meals) so much better, and who knows, maybe they’ll even inspire me to cook more often.
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