3 Delicious One-Pot Recipes, Perfect For Weeknights

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Weeknight cooking is a delicate balancing act. At the weekend you have heaps of time and the option to duck out to the shops if you somehow forgot to pick up onions; weeknights confine you to a set, often already exhausted, time period. And if you haven't had a chance to go grocery shopping, more often than not you end up choosing between pesto pasta (again) or ordering Deliveroo that you can't really afford.
The trick to a weeknight dinner you can really be proud of is a little bit of planning and a recipe you can chuck together in one pot (to save on washing up). Yasmin Fahr, the author of new book Keeping It Simple, has mastered this. Her book is full of recipes that are equal parts easy to prepare and utterly delicious. Even better, they all come together in less than an hour! That's dinner tonight sorted.

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