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14 LGBTQIA+ Friendly Bars To Dance & Drink In On Your Next Date Night

Whether you had that indescribable meet-cute in the fresh vegetable aisle of your local supermarket, or you found a seemingly worthy catch on one of several dozen dating apps, locking in an actual, face-to-face date can be stressful. 
This is particularly true when you factor in the very real concern about queer dating in a heteronormative world. Not all places will feel warm and inviting to some of us, and if you’re already on edge while you’re trying to schmooze the potential love of your life, the chances of hitting it off dwindle significantly. 
So, to help you find queer-friendly spaces that’ll let your love blossom, we’ve selected a few bars in each state with the help of the BWYASSS Supporting Pride Far & Wide map. 


The Court 

If a bar is draped in numerous rainbow flags, it’s all but guaranteed that there are droves of queer folk having the time of their lives in there — The Court is no exception. Sat in the heart of Perth, this gay bar has everything you need for a raucous first date. From drag performances to Thursday night comedy shows, your date will be anything but dull. 

Brass Monkey Hotel 

When it comes to first dates, it's hard to know your potential partner’s interests and don’t want to fall short, Brass Monkey Hotel is the one-stop date spot. Featuring a rooftop bar, an outside terrace and a newly installed sports bar, this iconic queer-friendly establishment caters to all walks of life. If the conversation runs dry, opt to people-watch from above over a cocktail or two. 



You just know it’s going to be a gay ol’ time when a bar hosts a Taylor Swift ‘1989’ listening party. When Altar isn’t throwing entire nights dedicated to Swift’s best albums, expect to spend Friday and Saturday date nights wiggling your shoulders to live music and ‘90s throwback events. If your date isn’t screaming along to ‘No Scrubs’, it might be a sign to broaden the net. 

Forty Spotted Gin Bar 

Show off your extensive vocabulary as you describe the different aromas and tastes of your tasting paddle at Forty Spotted Gin Bar. During the day, this inclusive establishment hosts a series of gin blending workshops, which is a touch more fun and interactive than a regular first date. Recreate that famous scene from Ghost but sub out messy clay for delectable spirits. 



Break the ice and put your dancing compatibility to the test at Arq, Darlinghurst’s own disco ball incarnated. The thumping music and sweaty atmosphere serve as an aphrodisiac that will trigger any feelings of love or lust you may have for your new boo. If you don’t feel anything, then there’s plenty of fish gyrating in the same venue.  

Bar Romeo 

The name says it all. Live out your own Shakespeare romance (minus the typically devastating third act) at Bar Romeo, a quaint watering hole that comes alive after dark. Find the Juliet to your Juliet as you make the most of the monthly drink specials or Friday night happy hour. Is there anything more romantic than picturing your future together over a pina colada? 


The Wickham 

More first dates should revolve around trivia. While being an enjoyable way to interact with a new person, it also allows you to uncover more about them. Do they become weirdly passionate about early 2000s pop culture? Are they a whiz with maps and countries? Are they clueless about everything but the Gossip Girl reboot? Find out at The Wickham on Thursday nights. 

The Beat Megaclub 

For dancing and drag queens galore, there’s no place like The Beat Megaclub. This thriving institution has been home to generations of LGBTQIA+ talent and patrons, opening its rainbow doors to the masses over 40 years ago. Bring your date and boogie like the world isn’t burning at an alarming rate. 


The Deck

Mix it up and head to The Deck for a mid-morning mimosa with your dearly beloved before the sun makes things a little too sweaty. The relaxed atmosphere will put you at ease, while the breakfast options are delightfully creative—the laksa scrambled eggs will be sure to act as a talking point for a good five minutes. 


Pride of our Footscray

The northside gets a lot of things right, but perhaps the most consequential decision they’ve made is to allow outside food in at Pride of our Footscray. Take your date to your favourite sushi place before hitting the lively bar. You’ll be surprised at how little those around you care about you unscrewing the little fish full of soy sauce while perched on blue suede seats. 

Yah Yah’s 

Hunt down a free booth and talk each other’s ears off at Yah Yah’s. While Thursday nights are dedicated to celebrating all things LGBTQIA+, every night is a safe space to bring a love interest and share your life story over a couple of pints. As an added bonus, Yah Yah’s is situated in Fitzroy so you’ll likely be surrounded by the most interesting people you ever did encounter. 


Mary’s Poppin

The interior of Mary’s Poppin feels like an Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka hybrid with its vibrant decor and cartoonish outdoor area. Pull up a pair of hot pink chairs and make cutesy eye contact under the oversized disco ball, or flex your contact list and aim for a VIP booth. Your date will either be suitably impressed or given the ick but either way, it’s a great litmus test for compatibility. 

My Lover Cindi

If you don’t have a date lined up, venture to My Lover Cindi and find one there. Adelaide’s queer utopia hosts an array of events that will surely be someone’s cup of tea, from kink and fetish social meets and a Gaylor Swift tour to 90s grunge nights and everything in between. Bond with strangers as you soak in burlesque performances or wear out your lungs during an impassioned karaoke rendition of Holding Out For A Hero.


Tilley’s Devine Cafe Gallery

For a more low-key affair, Tilley’s Devine Cafe Gallery is a convenient location to familiarise yourselves with one another while a local musician croons in the background. One of Australia’s few cafes that host live music during the day, you’ll be thankful to have the full dating experience while also getting home at a reasonable hour. 
Want to find some more LGBTQIA+ friendly bars near you? Check out the BWYASSS Supporting Pride Far & Wide site, made in collaboration with BWS.
It features inclusive venues, pride events, BWYASSS stores, and LGBTQIA+ owned and run businesses across the country who continue to advocate for members of the local community.

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