22 Australian LGBTQIA+ Businesses To Support All Year Round

Mardi Gras is here! Everywhere you look, there are rainbow flags, glitter and sequins. But while it's incredibly important to celebrate Pride, not just now but all year round, this is also when you're most likely to come across 'pinkwashing' — a marketing attempt to profit off the public's support for the LGBTQI+ community.
One way to extend our allyship and support fellow LGBTQIA+ peers is to put money back into the pockets of queer folk, instead of the bank accounts of brands riding the bandwagon. We've cut out the middleman and created a growing directory of our favourite LGBTQIA+ owned businesses.

1. Queer Move

Removalist, VIC

We've waxed lyrical about Queer Move before — the home removalist servicing Melbourne and beyond. Since 2018, its pale pink truck has helped move many LGBTQIA+ folk and allies into new places.
"I think a lot of queer people have a wariness of inviting men that they don't know who are very strong into their home, especially when it's a stressful time," Camel Love, co-founder of Queer Move, previously told Refinery29 Australia. "[I want] everyone to be ok... anything and everything that can aim towards that is worth the time and effort."
Find Queer Move here.

2. Rosewell

Sexual wellness, online

Modern sexual wellness brand Rosewell ticks all our boxes. The Brisbane-based brand was founded by Alisha Williams, who strove to create a gender-inclusive sex toy brand that doesn't skimp on sustainability. While there are a couple of toys and conversation cards available, watch this space as Rosewell is set to drop nine new items this year.
Check out Rosewell here.

3. Frances Cannon

Artist, Melbourne and online

Melbourne-based artist Frances Cannon is known for their black and white illustrations that take a deeper dive into topics like body love, mental health, relationships and gender. They've created stickers, pins, earrings, prints and keychains with their art, and have taken their digital presence offline through their co-founded non-profit space, Pink Ember Studio.
Find them here.

4. Josh & Matt Design

Interior design, Melbourne and online

Beloved Melbourne interior duo Josh and Matt have put their good eyes and taste to work and created a selection of their own funky interior art pieces. They sling art to hang on your walls, your ceilings and downlights — as well as some unique candles. Unlike sculptural candles you're too scared to burn, these candles are designed with burning in mind; they create stained glass-like pools of wax.
Check the pair out here.

5. Double Rainbouu

Clothing brand, Sydney and online

Singlehandedly leading the Hawaiian shirt revolution, Double Rainbouu is a cult Australian brand that takes what we know about resortwear and flips it in its head. Expect anything but bland. One half of the unisex label's cofounders and creative directors is Michael Nolan, who is part of the LGBTQIA+ community.
Take a look for yourself here.

6. Little Rebel Barbershop

Hairdresser, Melbourne

Little Rebel Barbershop is an inclusive and gender-neutral hairdresser that's inspired by indie subcultures. In February 2015, Rhia Moulds stepped out on their own and created this barbershop. Since then, the kooky, vintage trove has grown to be a place of belonging.
Fancy a closer look? Tap here.

7. Samuel Leighton-Dore


Artist, online

Samuel Leighton-Dore is one busy guy. As an artist, writer, and director, he uses his many talents to spotlight masculinity and mental health. Over on Instagram, you'll find his tongue-in-cheek handmade ceramic tiles sporting humorous messages.
Sad Man Studio is the creative partnership between him and his husband Bradley Tennant. It's where you can buy one of Sam's tiles — take a look here.

8. A Plus Market

Clothing market, Melbourne

Refinery29 Australia contributors Chloe Papas and Sam van Zweden are the co-organisers of A Plus Market, a Melbourne-based secondhand fashion market for plus size people. Sizes start at 16 and go beyond a size 30, because size exclusivity shouldn't be a barrier to circular fashion.
Find out more here.

9. Parfait Pins

Accessories, online

Recommended by our friends over at Minus18, Parfait Pins is a Sydney-based one-person store selling school idol-inspired pins and other accessories. The kawaii shop puts its goods to good use, has fundraised for queer charities and also sells personalised pronoun pins.
You can take a look here.

10. Warmcore Clothing

Clothing brand, online

For your dose of dopamine dressing, look no further than Warmcore Clothing. Self-dubbed "an iso project that got way outta hand," Warmcore is a made-to-order brand from Melbourne. Its clothes are non-gendered and it caters to sizes from 8 to 24.
Peruse its designs here.

11. More Plants

Plants, Sydney and online

Since 2018, Sydney has been blessed by this queer-owned plant nursery. More Plants is owned by Alex Wright, who specialises in indoor plants. Swing by its physical storefront or shop online for your plant care needs.
Tap here to take a look.

12. Bispha Studios

Candles, online

100% handmade, 100% vegan and 100% cute, Bispha Studios is home to body candles. Coming in a range of sizes, shapes, colours and scents, its candles are just as unique as its owners. Might we tempt you with a caramel coffee or fresh linen scent?
Check it out here.

13. Dear Pluto

In-person events, Sydney and Melbourne

Back in 2010, Em Daniels decided to launch Dear Pluto, a community-driven events pop-up that services queer folk. Across Melbourne and Sydney, they host vintage sales, makers markets, film screenings, creative workshops, speed dating parties and more.
Keep up to date here.

14. Mabu Mabu

Food, Melbourne and online

Nornie Bero is the owner and executive chef of Mabu Mabu, an Indigenous-owned restaurant group. Through spotlighting native ingredients, Mabu Mabu is bringing ancient medicine into the modern day. Pick up some of its sauces, spices and teas for yourself — either online or at from their two Melbourne restaurants.
Find out more here.

15. Shuturp

Artist, online

Ellie Hopley is the artist behind Shuturp, a collection of prints, clothes and original work. The Queenslander is known for her ironic doodles and colourful line drawings — and she must be doing something right, with 164,000 people keenly following her Instagram.
Interested? Tap here.

16. Pony Club Gym

Gym, Melbourne

Gyms can feel intimidating, especially for marginalised people. But Pony Club Gym is on a mission to create a welcoming and inclusive fitness space. The venue is wheelchair accessible and uses trauma-informed coaching. As it says, it's "your home away from homo".
If you're from Melbourne, find out more here.

17. ORRIS Paris

Skincare, online

Soaps have been given a major facelift; ORRIS is a sustainably-sourced and luxurious soap brand that works as good as it looks. Australian Lani Le Berre teamed up with Kenneth Koo to bring this LGBTQIA+, Asian and female-founded brand to life.
Find them here.

18. Rising Violet Press

Merchandise, online

Rising Violet Press is very gay and very proud of it. Its owner Bonnie designs all its pieces in Melbourne (most of its products are also produced locally). Here you'll find inclusive pins, stationery and apparel that combines their love of everything LGBTIQ+, pop culture and feminism.
Take a closer look here.

19. The Bookshop Darlinghurst

Bookshop, Sydney and online

For over 40 years — since 1982 to be exact — The Bookshop Darlinghurst has been selling books, DVDs, magazines, erotica and calendars for the LGBTIQIA+ community.
You can find their titles in person or online here.

20. Queer Fame

Clothing brand and merchandise, online

Queer Fame is a destination for queer celebration. The Melbourne-based Etsy store collates various pop culture and LGBTQIA+ centric merchandise, including shoelaces, t-shirts and patches. 25% of profits are also donated to human rights charities.
You can find them here.

21. Doolittle Illustrations

Artist, online

Eliza Williams, aka Doolittle Illustrations, creates fanastical portraits of people and nature. The Melbourne-based multidisciplinary artist has recently branched out into textiles, adding to her collection of prints, colourful pages and tattoos.
Here's where you can find her stuff.

22. Hares & Hyenas


Bookshop, Melbourne and online

In Melbourne's St Kilda, you'll find Hares & Hyenas. By day, it's a queer bookshop focused on sexuality and intersections. Swing by at night and it turns into the Hare Hole, a live performance venue.
Check out their site here.
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