3 Delicious Recipes That Make Use Of Those Tins In The Back Of Your Cupboard

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A tin of food is a magical thing. Cheap, long-lasting, and capable of transforming into a whole world of dishes. Whether it's too cold for fresh produce, or your current budget makes spending on expensive ingredients out of the question, you can rely on tinned food to keep you going.
And the best thing about a tin of food? It can be very versatile. So versatile, in fact, Jessica Elliott Dennison (the author of Tin Can Magic) wrote over 60 recipes for her book, focusing on nine different tins of ingredients: green lentils, tomatoes, coconut milk, anchovies, butter beans, sweetcorn, chickpeas, cherries and condensed milk. The results are simple, delicious and budget-friendly recipes we can't wait to break out this cold January. Ahead are just three of our favourites.

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