Ponies To Plane Tickets: 18 R29 Readers Spill On Their Most Extravagant Purchase

Photo: Getty Images.
It's called retail therapy for a reason. Buying stuff for ourselves feels nice — really nice sometimes. Whether that's your cup of morning coffee or a big-ticket purchase that you've been saving up for, there's a certain satisfaction that comes with tapping your card and walking away with something new.
The events that call for celebration come in many forms — graduations, promotions, breakups and birthdays. Or, as we've seen from the Refinery29 readers that have written in, just because. We've also learnt that sometimes it's not about the price tag dangling from the new purchase that makes it special, but the act of doing something for yourself that's important.
From vintage luxury pieces to cheesecakes and bedsheets to overseas trips, here are the most extravagant gifts 18 people have bought themselves, and the stories behind them.

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