‘We Haven’t Spoken Since’: 13 People On The Sting Of Their Worst Friendship Breakup

As we grow up, one of the things we realise is that our love lives aren’t going to play out exactly like they do in some of the terrible rom-coms we were raised watching. But one of the more confronting truths is when we realise that the same goes for friendships. 
Over time, the people we’ve held dear can move in different directions. Life throws us curveballs and sometimes the friendships we thought would we’d never be without, dissipate — explosively, in some cases. 
But where we’re constantly consoled through our romantic plights, the sting of a friendship breakup can hit even harder, and we’re not always as open about how they impact us. So to change that, we spoke to those who’ve mourned their losses and are either still confused about what exactly went down, or thriving without their parasitic partner in crime. 
From finally cutting off that toxic one-sided friendship to being ghosted by your most trusted confidante, here, 13 people recall the stings of their most devastating friendship breakups.
Some names have been changed for anonymity.
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