The 30 Worst Rom-Coms Of All Time

Photo: Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock.
A pitch-perfect romantic comedy — think When Harry Met Sally... or The Apartment — is a thing of beauty. The chemistry is palpable, every quote sparkles, and there's enough realism to keep you invested. Your heart lifts, your eyes tear up, and you find yourself sitting there with a stupid grin on your face long after the end credits have rolled. This is what love is supposed to be.
Then there are those other rom-coms. Their grasp on reality is tenuous. Their scripts fall flat. Their message seems to go something like this: Find someone. Find anyone. Even if you have to betray a friend, jump through hoops, or compromise everything about yourself. If that's what love is supposed to be, count us out.
We'd like to remind any singletons out there that there are a million things worse than flying solo. You could be sleeping with a guy you're not entirely sure isn't your dad, taking dating advice from a macho meathead, or slut-shaming yourself for having sex.
That's the sort of thing that happens in a bad rom-com. Meet the worst offenders right here.

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