This Celebrity-Approved Hairstyling Trick Will Instantly Elevate Your Bob

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From choppy bobs to boyfriend bobs, French bobs and Italian bobs, we've spent a lot of time dissecting one of the most enduring hairstyles. Prevalent around the world, shoulder-skimming (or even shorter) bobs have maintained their popularity for the better part of the last 100 years, but have had renewed interest over the last year.
And while it could be argued that a good bob is all down to the cut, celebrities on the Golden Globes 2024 red carpet proved that styling is an equally important part of the look. From Emma Stone to America Ferrera and Ayo Edebiri, several celebrities arrived at the Golden Globes sporting chic bobs — all of which had one very specific thing in common: flicked-out styling.
Ferrera and Edebiri both have bobs which are on the shorter side, finishing at the chin, while Stone's bob is slightly longer, hitting just above the shoulder. But each of the women had their hair styled in the same way, opting to have the ends kicked out to create a retro-inspired flick.
Ferrera's hair was styled by Aviva Jansen Perea, who used a combo of the Dyson Airwrap and Corrale straightener to achieve the look. According to Perea, the Airwrap was used to dry the hair before the Corrale was brought in to create movement and texture. Perea started at the base of the neck and started the flicked look from there, in order to avoid creating a boxy shape.
Stone's hair was styled by Mara Roszak, who used Roz Hair Root Lift Spray on the star's locks before blow-drying with a round brush. Edebiri's hair was styled by Miles Jeffries, who explained on Instagram that they smoothed Ayo's hair with a flat iron before adding in the kick with a 1” curling iron.
Of course, the beauty of this low-maintenance trending look is that it doesn't require a trip to the hairdresser, given it's all in the styling. If you're already the proud owner of a bob cut, it's simply a matter of taking a straightener to your hair and twisting the tool in an upward motion at the end of your hair to create a flick. It really is that easy, offering a noticeable difference with minimal effort.
While the flipped bob seems to be especially prevalent right now, the styling trick can also be used on longer hair. Creating a decidedly retro style, several celebs have embraced flicked-end hair on longer locks recently, including Zendaya, Laura Harrier, JLo and more.
Of course, while all the examples above are from red-carpet events and glamorous soirees, there's no reason that you can't make this look your weekday morning go-to. It'll add personality to a regular straightened hair look, without requiring much extra time.
Is this low-maintenance maintenance hair trend the shortcut to achieving modern-looking locks with minimal time and effort? All signs point to yes.
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