13 Bob Haircuts To Suit Everyone, By Top Stylists

Photo via @jamesjustnow/@conor_hair.
We're only one month into 2022, but it's been killer for Instagram-worthy hair trends. Thanks to Pinterest, we've seen the octopus haircut (the multiple, wispy layers resemble tentacles), bottleneck bangs (a more effortless version of the curtain bang) and instinctive cutting (a freehand method that top London stylists are using to make sure your new style is totally unique). But where Google trends are concerned, it's the classic bob haircut that's racking up the most searches daily.
Last year, the French bob, fringed bob, and Roaring Twenties bob reigned supreme as more of us lopped off our dead and split ends after months without our hairdressers. And judging by TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest, short, sharp styles continue to dominate top salons — and they're even cuter than last year's lot.
How do you know which style will suit your hair type and texture best? Let the hairstylists guide you.

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