The Cult Bag That Defined The ’00s Is Officially Back

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As we make peace with the revival of '00s fashion — from the controversial low-rise jean to the welcome return of the Fendi Baguette bag, we're now getting ready to reacquaint ourselves with another old friend: the Balenciaga City Bag.

Released back in 2001, it allegedly wasn’t seen as commercially viable by the brand until Kate Moss specifically requested one from Nicolas Ghesquière himself. Once they clocked its potential, celebrities and fashion insider's flocked to grab one in every colour and the bag quickly became a bonafide hit. 
For those of us who grew up as more observers of luxury fashion at this time, the bag was the epitome of shabby-chic, defining an era of fashion that can only be described as an elevated Indie Sleaze. It became ubiquitous with celebrities papped on coffee runs, effortlessly slung over shoulders or with arms loomed through top handles.
Naturally, its ‘It’ status was cemented by its A-list fans, with the likes of Nicole Richie, the Olsen twins and just about every other 00s socialite rarely seen without one.

But unlike the Fendi Baguette or the Dior Saddle, what makes the return of this bag uniquely interesting, is that it doesn't resonate with the logomania currently rampant across accessory trends. Being completely logo-less, the bag relies on a kind of IYKYK status. It's also not as polished or luxurious in the kind of obvious way we're used to with designer handbags. In fact, as one editor argues, the bag looks better the more worn-in it gets.

With this past fashion month proving that the Y2K revival is not slowing down, we spotted many an attendee sporting various iterations of the classic. But this time, they're a little different. Where we've previously been inspired by the Olsens and their penchant for mighty-sized accessories, we’re now seeing the bag get a 2022 rewrite in micro iterations such as the crescent-shaped Le Cagole style. 
Often noted as the beaten leather jacket of handbags, the bag's return also highlights the value in investing in quality pieces that have the potential to maintain (or even increase in) value. Seamlessly taking you from day to night with hardware that adds an edge to any outfit, you can't go wrong with an old classic. So if you're looking for a designer bag to invest in this year, consider this your sign!
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