The 5 Bag Styles You’ll Never Regret Buying

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With new seasons come new trends. But while we're committed to limiting our impulse buys, there's only so much joy repetitive outfits can inspire.
Accessories offer us the chance to really milk a capsule wardrobe for all its worth. And unlike the latest party top or It-dress of the moment, bags, in particular, can completely make an outfit for years on end. 
But with so many options out there, it’s only too easy for accessories to become excess-ories. So heed our advice and consider committing to a capsule collection that you'll love far beyond a summer fling. 
Whether you’re looking to splurge on an investment piece like a timeless designer classic, or you're just after some affordable options that will play well with the rest of your wardrobe, we’ve nailed down five key bag styles that work harder than the others.
Scroll on for the five bag styles you’ll never regret buying. 

The Crossbody Bag

A bag that comes in many different shapes and sizes, the crossbody is one hard-working bag. Easily thrown on for errands and still able to complement an evening look, it’s a versatile piece that's worthy of a place in your closet.
If you fancy yourself a bit of a maximalist, consider a monogram Gucci Ophidia, or, if your style lends more towards athleisure, then nylon iterations like the one from Ganni below are a sleek alternative to clunky backpacks. Did we mention that you don't have to hold it? We just love that part.

The Work Bag

Our jobs may differ but (when we’re not in lockdown) chances are that you struggle to fit everything you need for the workday in one crossbody bag. But to avoid having to double up on bags, look towards a roomier style that’s both chic enough to pair well with workwear, but also durable enough that you don’t need to be too precious with it.
When shopping, we recommend going the neutral-tone route to maximise wearability.

The Shoulder Bag

There are a lot of bags that sit under the 'shoulder bag' umbrella. If you're not one to carry around half your earthly belongings with you wherever you go (not this author), then something like a slim baguette bag is a great addition to your wardrobe. Not only are they small enough to not distract from the rest of an outfit, but they inject a retro flair that elevates an otherwise simple look.

The Going Out Bag

Just like its cousin, the Going Out Top, the Going Out Bag is a party bag that sits on your shelf, imploring you to take it for a spin.
Think sparkles, feathers, glitter and rhinestones — all staple characteristics of the style that add just the right amount of oomph. More than anything, this is one wardrobe item that is more about impact over convenience, and fun over functionality.

The Canvas Tote Bag

On the other end of the spectrum is the humble canvas tote bag. You likely have a few bundled up in drawers, and call upon them only when shopping or perusing through market stalls, but the sartorial power of a simple canvas bag should never be underestimated.
Sure, they're an eco, versatile, and spacious accessory, but they have an uncanny ability to make an outfit look more effortless and laidback than any other accessory of its kind. And, you'll likely find that they rarely retail for over $20.

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