Here Comes The Bill: 12 Aussie Women On How Much They Spent On Their Wedding Dress

As humans, we've always used clothing as a form of communication. But across almost all cultures, certain milestone occasions call for special attire — none more so than the wedding.
Originally meant to be a symbol of status, wedding dresses have seen considerable evolution throughout time. But from the mountains of puff and tulle that graced aisles in the '80s to the more paired-back contemporary dresses that can be worn well beyond the big day, these outfits can cost a small fortune, on top of an event that already costs $36,000 on average in Australia.
Though we've mostly learned to embrace parting with our money for milestone outfits like these, many modern brides are looking for alternative options to the average price-spiked gown, opting instead for lowkey or non-traditional looks that leave more money for the road ahead.
To gain some insight into how everyday women in Australia feel about their bridal bills, we asked our R29 readers to tell us exactly how much they forked over for their wedding looks.
Scroll on for all the details.
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