What Happened In The Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 Finale Part 2?

That's a wrap on Farmer Wants A Wife 2024!
Over two nights, our three remaining farmers faced their final decision, sending one potential wife home and revealing their true feelings to one lucky lady.
On Monday night's episode, Farmer Dustin and Farmer Todd met their final ladies' family and friends before sharing a final date with each of the women.
Farmer Dustin then revealed to Sophie that she was his final choice, while Farmer Todd let Daisy know that it was her all along.
On Tuesday night's episode, it was Farmer Joe's turn to face his final decision.
By the finale episode, the cattle farmer from the Snowy Mountains region had whittled his potential wives down to two - Sarah and Keely.
At the start of the episode, Joe headed to Queensland's Tambourine Mountain to meet Sarah's family and friends. Her friend Em was concerned that Sarah's feelings for Joe were deeper than Joe's feelings for Sarah.
During their final date, the 'could be couple' had a tense conversation about Em and Joe's conversation before Sarah let Joe know she was falling from him.
Next, Joe went to Yeppoon to meet Keely's family. At their final date, Keely asked Joe how he was feeling about her. He said he "really liked her" and she "brightened his day".
However, he was concerned about whether she would be able to settle in at the farm.

Who Did Joe Choose?

When it came the final decision, Joe told Keely he "really loved being around her" but he feels like their "timing is wrong".
Keely said she was "sad it was over" but that she wished Joe and Sarah "all the best".
Joe then told Sarah it "hasn't always been easy" between them but he can see himself "falling for her in the future".
He then asked her whether she would come back to the farm with him and she said yes.
Sarah told the camera it was the "end of the beginning" and Joe said the "sky was the limit" now when it came to their relationship.

Are They Still Together?

According to So Dramatic!, while Joe and Sarah left the show eager to make the relationship work, by the time they filmed the reunion they were having issues and it looks like they've since split.
In the second part of the episode, Joe attended the wedding of Season 11's Andrew and Jess. Interestingly, Sarah was unable to make it on the big day.
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