Are Farmer Todd & Daisy Still Together From Farmer Wants A Wife?

Farmer Todd may have only joined Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 a few short weeks ago, but his story has been one hell of a ride.
By the finale episode, Todd had whittled his potential wives down to two ladies - Daisy and Grace.
In the episode, he set off to meet Daisy and Grace's family and friends before sharing a final date with each of the two ladies.
During their final date, Todd and Daisy acknowledged they haven't had the 'easiest' experience. Daisy then asked Todd from some reassurance about his decision and he said he "wasn't quite there yet".
Farmer Todd then headed over to NSW to meet school teacher Grace's parents and her cousin Matt and his partner Olivia, who met on the last season of FWAW.
After lunch, Olivia asked Todd whether he had made up his mind yet and he said he was still weighing things up.
Speaking to Refinery29 Australia before the finale, Todd said his final decision wasn't an easy one.
"I was definitely weighing things up until the end," he tells us. "The final decision was a tough one, for sure. It was not easy to make."
When it came to the final decision, Todd said his choice was like "two sides of a coin".
Daisy was the first to arrive and Todd told her he hasn't been able to "keep a smile off his face" since he met her but he was concerned that she was similar to his ex.
Grace then arrived and Todd told her their relationship was a "slow burn" but "worth the wait". However, he has to "follow his heart" and choose Daisy.
He then told Daisy she was a risk worth taking.
“Finding love is a big risk. I’m willing to take the risk with you, Daisy. I can finally give you the reassurance that I am definitely falling in love with you," he said.
“This is where the exciting part starts right? Forever," Daisy added.

Are Farmer Todd and Daisy Still Together?

While Farmer Todd and Daisy are yet to confirm they're still together, there are clues the couple have taken their relationship to the next stage.
According to So Dramatic!, Daisy has moved to the farm to be with Todd and is working as a sales agent at a local real estate agent.
“Daisy’s Todd’s final pick, and they are still together,” a source told So Dramatic! “She’s already packed up her life and left Townsville and moved to his farm in Narrabri to live with him. They’re really happy.” 
The source told the publication the couple is very "loved up", with Todd even buying Daisy a horse for Valentine's Day.
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