Farmer Todd On What Really Happened Between Daisy And His Friends On Farmer Wants A Wife

When Farmer Todd entered Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 mid-season, he immediately clicked with one of the women on his speed-dating round. That connection would be the source of most of the drama on his farm for the rest of the season.
"The first moment I saw Daisy there was a bit of a connection there," he tells Refinery29 Australia over the phone.
"On our speed date, it was really easy, really simple," he continues. "After having 15 minutes with her, it was like, 'Oh crap, is that 15 minutes?!' It felt like nothing. That instant connection is what drew me to Daisy. "
The 33-year-old cattle farmer's connection with gym manager Daisy only strengthened as they got to know each other better when they arrived back at his farm in NSW's Baan Baa region.
However, when Todd introduced Daisy to his friends during last week's 'Meet the Loved Ones' episode, they immediately noticed similarities between her and his ex and raised concerns about whether she would be the right kind of partner for him.
"I think she might be fun for right now, but not long term," one of his friends said during the episode. "I don't feel like she's the right pick for you as a wife and as a mother to your children. I just find her a very strong, feisty, clash-heads-with kind of girl. Not in a bad way, but has that masculine vibe."
Todd says he also noted the similarities between the two women but didn't necessarily think it was a bad thing.
"I had also seen a few similarities between Daisy and my ex," he tells us. "It's not that they were bad similarities, it was just that she was a confident, outgoing, forward person."
The cattle farmer also said the interaction between Daisy and his friends was a lot more positive than what we saw on screen. "It didn't quite exactly come across the way it was meant to," he spills. "It seemed a lot harsher the way it was put together on screen. During the conversation with my cousin and his wife.... there were jokes and laughter and they did get along."
With his final decision just days away, Todd said he took his friends' opinions on board but ultimately had to go with his heart.
"[Their concerns] definitely did factor into it," he says. " They made me think about a few different things, but at the end of the day, it's my decision."
During this week's episodes, Todd introduced Daisy and the other women on his farm to his family. His mother was noticeably taken aback when Daisy told her she thought she might already be 'in love' with Todd.
However, Todd says you can't understand the intensity of the situation until you've been in it yourself.
"When you're in the whole experience it doesn't feel like you've been in it for just a few weeks because it's so intense," he explains. "In this experience, you sort of get down to it, and you'll have a chat about, you know, where do you see yourself in a few years, what do you want out of life..."
"It probably came across that Daisy's feelings were a bit stronger for me than what they probably were at the time," he adds.
While Todd remains tight-lipped about his final days on the show, he says his decision wasn't easy but he's "very happy".
Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 continues 7.30pm Sunday and Monday on Channel 7 and 7plus.
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