Farmer Todd Says That Fans Will Be “Surprised” At His Final Decision On Farmer Wants A Wife

Farmer Todd has only been on Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 for a few weeks but his farm has already been the source of a lot of this season's drama.
And now the 33-year-old cattle farmer has hinted that his final decision could come as a surprise to viewers.
Todd hit it off with gym manager Daisy the moment they met at the speed-dating round and she seemed to be his frontrunner for the first few weeks of his time on the reality dating show.
However, when Todd introduced Daisy to his friends and family they raised their concerns that she reminded them of his ex and seemed a little too keen, too soon. His family then picked Jacinta for his final 24-hour date.
Fans of the show are now left wondering whether Todd is going to choose Daisy in the finale episode or take on his loved one's feedback and choose one of the other women.
Speaking to Refinery29 Australia before the finale, Todd said his final decision wasn't an easy one.
"I was definitely weighing things up until the end," he tells us. "The final decision was a tough one, for sure. It was not easy to make."
But all is well in that we now know that Farmer Todd will be choosing a woman at the end, unlike his castmate Farmer Bert.
"The lady I chose at the end of the show is a lovely, kind-hearted person," he says. "I'm pretty happy. That's what Mum wanted. Mum wanted me to come out of this happy."
With his final decision just days away, Todd said he took his friends' concerns about Daisy on board but ultimately had to go with his heart.
"[Their concerns] definitely did factor into it," he says. "They made me think about a few different things, but at the end of the day, it's my decision."
Whoever Todd chooses, we might see the 33-year-old on bended knee during the final episodes. This week, New Idea reported that an 'insider' claimed that a proposal could "fully be on the cards" for Todd in the finale.
"Todd is a very happy camper right now," the insider told the publication. "Marriage is something he definitely wants."
We asked Todd about the rumours in our interview and whether he'd be open to proposing to someone who he'd only known for a few weeks. While he remained tight-lipped about how his storyline pans out, he hinted that fans could be in for a "surprise".
"It's pretty soon to be getting the knee dirty," he laughs. "But yeah, you'll just have to wait and see what happens."
"They could be surprised about how it'll end up," he added.
Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 continues 7.30pm Sunday and Monday on Channel 7 and 7plus.
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