Farmer Bert On Why He Left Farmer Wants A Wife Alone

It seemed like Farmer Bert had met his match in the very first episode of Farmer Wants A Wife 2024.
But in Tuesday night's episode, Farmer Bert made the difficult decision to leave the show.
 “Coming into this experience, I was looking for someone to share my life with," Bert said during the episode. "I think all the girls are wonderful, but I don’t have what it takes to be in a relationship right now. I just don’t have the emotional time to be the person that people are deserving of. That’s the reality of it.”
 “Goodbyes are pretty hard for me," he said. "It always hurts but I know that deep down that it was the right choice for me to make. I was fully open to the idea of falling in love."
“I guess along the way the stress of it all, the workload, everything just got too much," he continued. "The farm never stops taking. There’s always more work to be done. Before I start a relationship with somebody, I want to be happy with the farm, happy with my life, and I guess happy with all of it.”

"I don't see the point of being in a relationship if you're not fully committed."

Farmer BerT
In an interview with Refinery29 Australia, Farmer Bert gave us some insight into why he decided to walk away from the show alone.
"Right time, right place, right person," Farmer Bert told Refinery29 Australia. "I say that a few times in the show, and for me, I don't see the point of being in a relationship if you're not fully committed. You're just wasting each other's time and it's not very respectful."
"If the person is right, I'm 100 per cent in," he adds.
Bert said that the last few days on the show were by far the toughest and he didn't take his final decision lightly. "I think that I'm no different to any of the other guys or girls who are involved in the show," he explains. "Those last days are incredibly tough, and you know that at one point or another, you're going to hurt at least one person."
"So, it's pretty tough," he continues. "Like I said before, going into the whole experience, none of us are there to sort of hurt anyone. But at the end of the day, you can only pick one lady."
Farmer Bert added that he knew this when he signed up for the show. "I guess that's the nature of the beast and you can't really get out of it without hurting someone," he said.
"That last choice is obviously something that plays on your mind," he says. "There's obviously something truly wonderful that can come from it. But the flip side of that coin is you do have to let somebody down. Nobody takes that final choice lightly and it is a tough few days at the end."
The fourth-generation pineapple, dragon fruit and pumpkin farmer from Queensland was momentarily lost for words when he was first introduced to 32-year-old customer service worker, Karli, during the speed dating round at The Convent.
A clip of Bert struggling to speak was played so frequently in the promos that fans began to suspect that Karli would be the woman he chooses in the finale episode. The 33-year-old tells us that his instant attraction to Karli was genuine.
"There were times there where I was definitely a bit lost for words but there was probably a bit of clever editing in there as well," he told Refinery29 Australia over the phone.
Bert's departure comes after Yahoo! Lifestyle reported that an 'insider' claims Bert leaves the show early after clashing with the producers. "Farmer Bert was really sweet and it was sad to see him being treated like a prop. These two male producers had come from filming FBoy Island and obviously wanted conflict," the insider told the publication.
"He actually felt uncomfortable with his producers and their suggestions on how to handle the remaining women," they continued. "He no longer felt like he could go on and pretend just for the show."
Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 continues 7.30pm Monday and Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus.
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