The Bachelors Star Krystal Thomas Strives To Challenge Australia’s Beauty Standards

Image courtesy of Channel 10
The Bachelors star Krystal Thomas has led the charge on speaking up and calling out drama on the reality TV show this year. And the small screen is not the only place she hopes to set an example and make her mark.
The 26-year-old is working as a model in Australia after relocating from England to Queensland in 2019. Having studied fashion promotion in London, she's always had an eye for style, and getting in front of the camera is about more than just wearing designer clothes. For Thomas, it's about challenging conventional beauty standards in Australia's fashion industry — a business that's long struggled to truly represent the country's diverse population.
"I was born and raised in the UK but my heritage is Caribbean," Thomas explains in her profile on Everi-Body Model Management's website.
"I have always been confident in my skin but never have had the opportunity to take on the modelling world," she says further down in the profile. "But I am passionate about the future and making a change within the industry, so now is the perfect time to put myself out there and be a role model for women who feel they do not fit in with beauty standards."
On her Instagram account, Thomas has shared various professional and behind-the-scenes snaps from her modelling shoots — everything from activewear to lingerie.
In a post shared in 2021, she drew attention to an issue faced by many women of colour in the fashion and entertainment industries, whereby some makeup artists don't have beauty products that suit darker complexions or don't know how to work with a range of skin tones.
"Dear Make up artists, don’t be scared of dark skinned clients," she wrote next to a closeup photo of herself. "We’re like any other canvas, just educate yourselves on how to paint us."
Thomas has been one of only three women of colour to appear on this year's version of The Bachelor Australia.
"I think I’m single because I’m independent and most guys are intimidated by my confidence and fun," Thomas said before going into the Bachelor mansion. "I also think it’s because I refuse to settle for anything less than I deserve."
During her time in the mansion, she hasn't been afraid to speak her mind despite the expectations often imposed on women of colour to be quiet and follow the pack. On numerous occasions, she's alerted Felix Von Hofe to how his PDAs with certain contestants have impacted other cast members. She also didn't pull any punches in quizzing co-star Jessica about her intentions of pursuing an open relationship after the show.
The model has already made it into Von Hofe's top three contestants, while six other women are vying for the hearts of Jed McIntosh and Thomas Malucelli. But whether Thomas makes it to the finale or not, what's certain is that her presence on The Bachelors won't go unnoticed by many women of colour across the country.
The Bachelors airs Sunday to Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel 10 and 10 Play.

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