Tash’s Return To The Bachelors Is A Reminder Of Reality TV’s Reliance On The Tired Villain Trope

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While there have been many changes to The Bachelor Australia this year, its revamped 10th season called The Bachelors hasn't had a complete overhaul. Despite three times as many men looking for love and a brand new Bachelor mansion, the villain trope that reality TV is so famous for thriving on has sadly remained.
This season, cast member Tash has stepped into the role of the unpopular, outspoken female contestant, looking to stir up trouble regardless of how her actions could impact her co-stars.
From pashing bachelor Jed in front of the rest of the group to make them jealous, to throwing a few of the contestants under the bus by sharing their secrets with Jed, she has drawn no boundaries in taking her self-centred behaviour to a level that frustrates viewers and co-stars alike, leaving her with the villain label.
Earlier this week, Tash made the call to walk out of the mansion as the fallout from spilling Jess and Jasmine's secrets (that Jess has a boyfriend and Jasmine has an OnlyFans account) became too much. She and co-stars Marj and CJ decided to leave because they'd "had enough" of the drama between the contestants in the house.
However, Wednesday night's episode showed Tash returning to the mansion — and her reasons for doing so somewhat baffle me. For someone who's no doubt very opinionated, able to hold her own (which I admire) and loves the attention, I'd only assume she'd stay in the competition despite the chaos circling her in the mansion if she truly had feelings for Jed.
So, why has Tash returned to the mansion? And have the reactions to her coming back signalled that it's truly time for dating shows to dump the idea of the villain?
For Tash's first appearance upon returning to the show, producers have strategically made the most of this opportunity to dial up the drama. She's seen waiting in the bachelor pad for Jed to come home, as she wants to speak to him in private.
While that's all we've seen so far of Tash's return, it's a scene that's already quite telling of the tense mood her comeback beckons. Jed is simply lost for words.
"Tash is back! Um, I don't... I don't really know why," Jed tells the producers in a piece-to-camera.  
Meanwhile, the other two bachelors, Thomas and Felix, are less than impressed to see Tash back in the game.
"I just wanna go in there and just send her home. She is fucking bad news," Thomas tells Felix.
Image courtesy of Channel 10
As important as it is for all contestants on the show to have a chance at finding true love, Thomas' suspicions ring true in my eyes. Perhaps his reaction also indicates the men on this show are finally drawing the line as to how much drama should be created by cast members or producers for the sake of them finding their happily ever after.
While drama and conflict can no doubt boost TV ratings, it's never worth it at the cost of victimising other women. Fuelling a villain trope is only going to continue thriving until one reality show says enough is enough — and The Bachelors could've been the one to do just that.
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