My Kitchen Rules 2022 Winners Revealed

After a very eventful season filled with delicious dishes and celebrity judges, My Kitchen Rules reached the end of the competition for 2022.
Going head-to-head in the grand final for a chance at winning the $100,000 prize money were Sydney couple, Janelle and Monzir, and Queensland friends Kate and Mary.
Image courtesy of Channel 7
My Kitchen Rules grand finalists Janelle, Monzir, Kate and Mary
Ultimately, Janelle and Monzir won Season 12 of the popular cooking show.
"We won, we actually won! It doesn't matter where you came from, you can achieve anything you want," Janelle said after the pair's victory. "There is no limit. This means everything to us." 
Giving a nod to his family, Monzir added: "Thank you, mum, for teaching me everything and thank you for your support."
Image courtesy of Channel 7
My Kitchen Rules winners Janelle and Monzir
Both teams were required to serve an entree, two main courses, and a dessert for their final challenge. For the entree, Janelle and Monzir cooked Grilled Adana with Cajik, Sumac and Onion Salad and Bazlama. Katy and Mary served Scampi with Smoky Chilli Oil, Gazpacho and Fennel Salad.
In terms of the main meals, Janelle and Monzir served Kataifi Prawn with Haloumi and Watermelon Salad, as well as Sudanese Beef and Okra Stew with Kisra, Torshi and Shata. Meanwhile Kate and Mary cooked Crispy Skin Salmon with Fragrant Thai Sauce and Flatbread and Candied Walnuts, as well as Lamb, Grain and Salsa Verde.
Janelle and Monzir served Baklava with Kaymak Ice Cream and Candied Walnuts for Dessert, while Kate and Mary made Lemon Tart.
"I'm just so relieved," Janelle said earlier when she and Monzir got through to the grand final.
"We worked so hard for this and going to the grand final is an absolute dream come true. We’re hungry for this. I know we have so much more to give. We’re going to level it up one more time and we’re going to win this battle against Kate and Mary."
Meanwhile Mary said her and Kate were in it to win, exclaiming: "We’ve come this far; we just want to go to the top. I can’t believe we’re one cook away from winning $100,000. It’s our intention to win this competition."
Season 12 of MKR featured some big changes this year. Manu Feildel returned to the judging panel and was joined by Nigella Lawson for the judging of Group 1, before former MasterChef Australia judge Matt Preston stepped in to join Feildel for the judging of Group 2's dishes.
Guest judges Colin Fassnidge, Curtis Stone and Gary Mehigan were also on hand to taste the dishes.
Image courtesy of Channel 7
My Kitchen Rules judges Curtis Stone, Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge
Prior to the show airing, Feildel revealed viewers would see less of the conflict and spiciness that MKR has become so well-known for. Instead, there would be a greater focus on the delicious homemade meals that underpinned the show's conception 12 years ago.
"For over 10 years it was Australia’s favourite show. Now, I’m back, and I’m bringing MKR back to basics. Back to event family viewing," Feildel recently told TV Tonight.
"It will be the original MKR we all loved. No drama amongst teams. No mean characters. Just real food, real people and real homes."
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