MKR Judge Nigella Lawson Reveals Producers’ Big Ask This Season

As Nigella Lawson makes the switch from being a guest on MasterChef to a full-time judge on My Kitchen Rules, she's revealed one of the big asks from the MKR producers this year.
The 62-year-old is known for her exceptional home-style cooking, and says her approach has naturally aligned with the vibe the production team specifically called for this season.
"While I admire chefs enormously, home cooking is where my heart is. For me, it’s the real story of food, and I was just terribly excited about eating food that told me where people had come from, who they are, and what they love," Lawson says in an official press statement.
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My Kitchen Rules judges Manu Feildel and Nigella Lawson
"Plus, I knew the producers wanted this series to have a renewed focus on the food, which spoke to me."
For those who've watched MKR over the years, you'll know that the producers changing their tack is a pretty big deal. The high-rating cooking show has often emphasised the contestants' drama over food in recent seasons, so to be renewing the focus on the dishes will take the show in a different direction, which is a welcome change.
Lawson will be judging contestants' food alongside the show's long-time judge, Manu Feildel.
"I learnt so much from Manu: he’s direct, kind, and respectful," says Lawson, acknowledging there are differences between her and the celebrity chef's experiences.
"Manu is a chef and I am a home cook, but we both share such a love for food and care about the teams we were judging. And the thing about Manu is that rigorous as he is, he is such a warm person, and that’s so lovely to be with. He was so welcoming and kind and such a funny guy."
Image courtesy of Channel 7
Group 1 of My Kitchen Rules 2022 contestants
The pair will also be joined by former MasterChef judge, Matt Preston and guest judges, Colin Fassnidge and Curtis Stone to taste the dishes of two different groups of contenders.
Group 1 features six duos: Peter & Alice, Kate & Mary, Ashlee & Mat, Janelle & Monzir, Arnott & Fuzz, and Steven & Frena.
Group 2 features Che & David, Rosie & Hayley, Leanne & Milena, Matt & KT, Nicky & Jose, and Sophie & Katherine.
My Kitchen Rules premieres on Sunday, August 7 at 7pm on Channel 7 and 7plus on Channel 7 and 7plus.
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