MKR’s Rosie Guglielmino On How Her Breast Cancer Battle Has Only Made Her More Determined

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My Kitchen Rules contestants Rosie Guglielmino and Hayley Coutts
Rosie Guglielmino and Hayley Coutts are one of six teams in Group 2 on My Kitchen Rules. And while the competition may be stiff on the cooking show, Guglielmino says that her past life experiences have helped shape the strong and competitive nature she brings to the table.
The 53-year-old from Queensland was diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago, and says battling the disease made her realise that it's important to grasp any opportunity that comes her way.
"Being a breast cancer survivor, I’ve found life is too short not to take chances," she says in an official press statement.
"Doing this takes me out of my safe haven. I love to entertain and create, and I’m at my happiest when I’m doing that."
The creative stylist is ready to cook up a storm on the show alongside her niece, Coutts, who is just as enthusiastic about embracing the experience.
"I live for dinner parties and entertaining, so why not do it on national television?" says the 29-year-old.
The aunt and niece say their relationship has become stronger as they've grown older, and their individual strengths will help them excel together on MKR.
"We are opposites: Hayley is a fitness freak and I hurt my back just bending down to clean the toilet," says Guglielmino. "But we are both very soft, kind-hearted people who find everything funny."
"We are the two hungry hippos always sitting at the dessert table pretending we’re there just for the chats," adds Coutts. "We are both very loving, loyal people who would do anything for anyone. We can count on each other for absolutely everything. Rosie is the firecracker and there’s nothing I love more than laughing at her when she’s angry!"
Expect heartwarming Italian-style home cooking from the pair when they serve judges Manu Feildel and Matt Preston (who replaced Nigella Lawson) a three-course menu on Sunday night.
"I cook with love. I cook very leanly. I use only the best ingredients and cook to please others and their bellies!" says Guglielmino. "I love cooking comfort food. I’m not a steak and three veg cook."
Coutts says her signature dish is pasta bolognese, and while it may sound "simple", it's unique because of the history behind the way it's made.
"It is my grandma’s recipe and makes me proud to be able to cook something from my culture and do it justice."
The other teams in MKR's Group 2 this season are Che & David, Leanne & Milena, Matt & KT, Nicky & Jose, and Sophie & Katherine.
Meanwhile, Group 1 which was introduced earlier this season includes Janelle & Monzir, Peter & Alice, Kate & Mary, Ashlee & Mat, Arrnott & Fuzz, and the recently eliminated Steven & Frena.
My Kitchen Rules airs Sunday at 7pm and Monday to Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.
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