Carb Party: The 5 Viral TikTok Pasta Recipes We’re Eating Up

Image: jessica_nguyen_/Instagram.
Our love of pasta runs deep. As much as we love a good TikTok beauty hack or fashion trend, a viral pasta recipe is what really gets us going.
Pasta is endlessly versatile — it makes for an easy weeknight feed, it can be made vegan or cater to any other dietary requirements, and, more importantly, it's wonderfully tasty.
There's nothing wrong with a classic spag bol, but if you're looking for new recipes to spice up your everyday meals or dinner parties, take a look at some of TikTok's best viral pasta recipes on offer. Try the famous vodka pasta which has become known as the 'Gigi Hadid pasta' or the pasta that potentially caused a feta shortage.
Happy cooking!
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